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Mission Statement

Rolladank.com is a range of topics and ideas that spreads across the mind, body and soul. The purpose of using RollaDank is a creative metaphor to promote, or start something of worthiness by combining the word Rolla – meaning to go, or start, and Dank – pertaining to something “good”, or “awesome”. In this blog we explore the mind, body, and soul by researching the effects of consciousness and spirituality on a physical journey, and everything it entails.


Meditation as a Refuge from Suffering

“Meditation can reintroduce you to the part that’s been missing”  The following is an article written by the founder of “The Way of Meditation” Mr. Chad Foreman...

The Fifth Dimension

Consciousness = energy = love = awareness = light = wisdom = beauty = truth = purity. It’s all the same trip. Ram Dass  Much has been written, spoken and ...

Vision Boards

Why Vision Boards Fail and How to Fix That – Try This

Why Vision Boards Fail and How to Fix That – Try This A vision board is not “push a button,” and all you desire will appear. There are reasons why your vision b...


8 Simple Ways To Add Joy To Your Daily Life

8 Simple Ways To Add Joy And Happiness To Your Daily Life Joy is everywhere if you know how to find it. You can experience joy every day, even when circumstance...


Patience Is Power: 5 Ways To Improve It

Patience Is Power: 5 Ways To Improve It Feeling frustration so regularly can lead to a multitude of emotional and physical health issues, especially when we are...


Pinecone – 3rd Eye Symbolism

The Pinecone is one of the oldest symbols known to human kind. Pinecones have been found all over the world in various cultures symbolizing Human Enlightenment,...

free spirit

Is Your Spirit Truly Free?

Is Your Spirit Truly Free? When people say things like, “she has such a free spirit,” their intentions can vary wildly. Depending on the situation, and who says...

calming the mind

How Calming Your Mind Helps Your Mind Body And Soul

How Calming Your Mind Helps Your Mind Body And Soul Since we are beings of vibration, by calming the mind, body, and, soul you essentially help and provide your...

Ok, so I’m awake – Now what?

When you are evolving into a higher self, the road may seem lonely but you’re simply shedding the energies that no longer match the frequency of your destiny Ok...

Random Posts

Spiritual dreaming

Spiritual Reasons For Dreaming

Spiritual Reasons For Dreaming The spiritual reasons for dreaming has always fascinated me that when we close our eyes for a long enough period of time, our min...

life matters

Why your life matters

Why your life matters I’d like to think that while we go through the things we go through, we can ultimately learn the lessons needed, and continue forward to g...


Motivational lifestyles of the dank and famous

Rolla*Dank (verb) : To be a part of, or think of something good. What is rolladank? Rolladank is a combination of ideas that range from the topics that spreads ...

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