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Spiritual blogs

Dr. Gonzo is in.

The characters that strike curiosity and plunge you into other abstract forms of thought and enhance the meaning of your true existence are sometimes found off the beaten path. One such person that I ...

Affirmations of matter.

When you look back throughout your years of your natural life, you’ve been taught a certain mindset that governed your past, curent and future self. This in of itself is it societal Manufacturin...


The mind and the machine

The mind and the machine Relativity speaking, We are a giant collective of conscious individual containers that make up a global hive, in which I would like to call a machine. All though it may seem t...

Quieting the mind.

I was once told if you control the mind, you control your life. This is the ultimate action that requires you to dig into your depths of your very fiber. The reason one should under take such a feat i...

The opiods of life.

  What quality of life sets you apart from your fellow person, is the thing most sought after. Every individual is striving to be something that his or her yesterday or yesteryear was not. The as...

Dank Memes

Funny how a few pictures put together and a head line can really get a point across.

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