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Causes of Spiritual Awakening


Causes of Spiritual Awakening 

If you, like many people, at one point of your life find yourself searching for answers that are far greater than the purpose you may think you have, you may have indeed started your spiritual awakening process. Although there are many interpretations, this article should help shed some light into your journey.

Usually, when life is going as planned based on a predetermined outcome you may have set for yourself, you wouldn’t necessarily be thinking of such questions and looking for such answers because your “life” hasn’t unfolded itself outside of working, friends, hanging out, and as planned situations. Sometimes all it needs is a certain event, decision, or a person to come into your life that will, to a degree force you to look outside yourself for answers that aren’t easily answered.

There is no one answer that anyone can give you, but only offer perspective. These are my observations, and the purpose of this article is to help you on your awakening journey. Hope this helps.

What is a spiritual awakening?

So what is a spiritual awakening? The easiest way I could explain it would be like going through life with blinders on, and suddenly one day, it comes off and things are revealed from a point in which they are completely obvious.


To put it in another way, it’s not that the world visually changes, it’s more of gaining a point of view on matters that weren’t noticeable on the surface. You come to realize that there are many layers, where each layer seems to have a set purpose proceeding to next. From this perspective you realize that you as an individual are part of something bigger, and by bigger meaning it leads you to questions while searching for answers that are not particularly obvious.

Many people, from what I have observed on different platforms, seem to be questioning more and more about what awakening is, or what is it suppose to feel like. I am assuming that it has a lot to do with what the world is offering in terms of what is being displayed on the internet where you wouldn’t have any knowledge of unless you where involved in certain circles. Also, this was once taboo because if you spoke with just anyone about this prior, you would be labeled and told you needed psychological help.

Regardless, if you are a person reading this, you should know that you ultimately come from a source of pure energy where it cannot be created nor destroyed. You have always been a unique individualized spirit or energy that has chosen for whatever reason it to incarnate to this reality to live a physical experience. This is where a lot of individuals confront their truths while it conflicts with their perceived reality. On the hand, people often get what’s called a moment of clarity, or an epiphany where just for a moment your frequency, or energetic field is in harmony with the universe.

While it is said that before we are born on this plane, we make certain contracts with whom we are born into, the events of our lives we have, and who we meet during. When you begin to look at your life for what it is at this very moment, we are very unaware that we make decision on a predetermined factors that need to come to pass to satisfy a learning lesson in order to evolve to the next level.

This to me signifies that although we can make choices depending on any given event. Is free will just an illusion that we make decision based on chance, or is it in fact just another step towards our ultimate purpose?

Based on this idea, there have been studies in which people have had NDE’s where they were put in a position to observe the afterlife for just a glimpse and while whomever they spoke with, told them they did a have choice whether to stay or leave. While it was their choice, and their choice alone, they were instructed that they in fact have a contract, where what they were experiencing was a necessity and agreed upon.

Although just for a moment, you come to the realization that fate is intertwined in the fabric of our perceived reality. From that point forward, many individuals veered of track where much of what they thought that played a huge part in their life was actually less important after they saw beyond the veil. Movies such as the Matrix does an excellent job in depicting what can be assumed as reality where we to a degree are put sleep and mindlessly living our lives in a created void, and all it takes to wake up is some person, place, or event that forces us to look outside ourselves. Although everyone is different, I believe that this paves the way out of a linear thinking to come to conclusions other than what mainstream media offers.

Causes of spiritual awakening

The causes of spiritual awakening are vast as of that to the many grain of sand in the ocean. Since no to people are alike in terms of personality, life choices, circumstances and so on, usually it would be an event that forces you to look at your own mortality. These events could be the loss of a loved one, sickness, or any other event that could be directly mirrored back at you and what can materialize into your reality. This is why many people look towards God in times of distress, where nothing that they are capable of doing can ever change the result of what has happened. From here many people learn many things that weren’t obvious beforehand.

An example of this would be like purchasing a vehicle after which you realize that there were so many vehicles of the same type, and actually been on the road the whole time, but the filter you saw through didn’t recognize what you were actually searching for. Although it was always directly in front of you, your attention was elsewhere. This applies to everything that we encounter throughout our lives in which everything was present, we just weren’t paying attention. Some say this is life’s strange way of grabbing our attention to acknowledge what matters the most while showing us the direction we can go if we keep our current thoughts and behavioral patterns, whether good or bad. I’ve always heard the expression you either win or learn, but either way, everything is a learning lesson.

The strange part is that although we are living a physical life, we live according to what society has instilled in us and base our truths from other ideologies that are outside ourselves. This in effect gains our attention to a point that when something happens, we are in a sense lost because what is taught and learned is of a superficial nature. Sadly enough, this is when most people can’t handle their reality and make certain decision that some can’t come out of.

I would assume this is why mind-altering substances are abused, and used by so many individuals to be able to function and live what seems like a normal life through their lens. Although these are choices, sometimes this is exactly what it takes for a realization of some sort to occur to vibrate to a frequency that is in harmony to their true self. While there is no such thing as good or bad in the spiritual realm, we are essentially living though experiences that ultimately affect each and everyone that we encounter.

In all respect, we all, in due time will encounter what is not outright obvious to the unsuspected, but trust that one day the time will come where it will become clear to what we should be searching for. Many spiritual people claim that we are “Gods” in the sense that we came from an infinite source, but it is sometimes hard to understand things that seem to be easily fixed makes us seem powerless to do anything resolve it. This would be in the purest form what causes someone to have a spiritual awakening.

Dealing with spiritual awakening

It can be a lonely place where one is dealing with something they cannot fully understand, and it’s even more lonely in conversing in your social circles that no one knows nothing about it. Fortunately, there are many platforms nowadays where you can openly talk about your experiences without the fear of being considered crazy, or people constantly telling you, you need help. While professional help is needed in many circumstances, sometimes all you really need is validation that you’re not the only one going through emotions that are unfamiliar to you.

Many times, just researching what your experience can help you to accept your new found truths, but I would proceed with caution because sometime you don’t know how far down the rabbit hole can really go, while chasing answers that don’t really lead you anywhere. Most of time you will end up more confused than where you started because everything is perspective and each and everyone of us has a different one depending on the life we choose to life. Rather than chasing concepts, you should rather follow what direction your heart is leading you because you completely know exactly what you need.

Furthermore, there is always going to be people that are going to down play your experiences and question whether or not drugs are involved, but you will soon learn that everything is energy where you can sense If someone is open enough to talk about matters such as these. If and when you do find spiritual people, you will find out that these types of people will produce bonds that are far stronger than any personal relationship you have ever had. In addition, You will have many nights of researching such things such as spiritual healers, light workers, higher selves, akashic records, light beings, and so on. This only open your eyes to the fact that there is more to this existence than what we are taught, and the history of how everything came to be.

Life after spiritual awakening

Since you have a lot of work ahead of you, just know that you are on the right path. You are pure energy where once you step out of this realm you wake up into the next. This is what conscious shift or spiritual awakening is all about. It is identifying who you really are, where your going, and where you came from. You will learn that everything is connected on a spiritual level, and the only thing that separate us is the lack of love we have for each other and everything around us.

While I might be pointing out the obvious, sometimes the simplest answer is the solution, while our egos are complicating the situation. Just know that you are you an ever-evolving energy spectrum that assumed a physical form for the sole purpose of learning. From what you learn from here on out, will only benefit you on your journey wherever it may be leading you.


While this has been an observation of the cause of spiritual awakening, this is what I’ve come to realize based on my own spiritual awakening experiences, research, and personal growth . Many people that are going though these types of things will eventually make their way into your life where you can offer some type of guidance and support. Many people will also deny these truths, but you ultimately know the answers in your heart while having a deeper appreciation of the people that come in and out of your life. Also, this is will help you make better decision regarding your true purpose while avoiding different energies that seem to bring people down. Basically, it is like an antenna that has adjusted to the frequency where the scenery has forever changed, and the people you meet along the way will seem to have a purpose. Just know that you are a unique individual that is loved, and have a greater purpose other than what you know. Hope this helps.

x-X”Be the change you want to see in the world”X-x

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1 year ago

Excellent article. Hope you don’t mind but I just posted an article that I feel resonates with yours. Peace, love and light to you always.

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