How time travel is possible

time travel

How time travel is possible

 Let’s say you had the opportunity to travel back in time to a point where you wished you would have done something differently, what would you do. This can be anything from saying something you shouldn’t have, going somewhere you should have, making an effort to talk to that special someone, or totally avoiding a choice that lead to a certain consequence. Well, what if I told you that in some circles that time travel is a very real thing and that people have actually made changes, would you believe me?


time travelIf you, like me are interested in time travel, you probably read a lot of articles explaining that in order to change a past event you would have to travel faster than the speed of light, produce a massive black hole with enormous energy, or basically do something that is not economically possible. From what I read and gather in terms of time travel, it’s like scientist think outside themselves while trying to mathematically prove something they don’t quite understand. There are many instances in the distant past where not only were they wrong, things have been created since then that seemed to impossible at the time.

For instance, the internet. If you went back to any past period and told scholars that information would be shared instantaneously with hand held devices while communicating anywhere in the would in a matter of seconds, what would they say about you. What did happen was that if you went against common knowledge of the time, let’s just say your future wasn’t to bright. Likewise, this is how many new concepts are treated today while not being taken serious enough to even be considered a scientific marvel. Whereas, when time passes and new discoveries are made by the right people your idea become relevant. Ironically, while we can be moving forward towards a better future, past finding and studies in a sense stifle creative ideas in a way that doesn’t make it to the mainstream media.

Furthermore, when doing a basic “time travel” search, the result pages are filled with data that suggests that time travel doesn’t exist because there is no scientific proof which seems odd because when we talk about spirits, science denies the afterlife, but there are instruments to prove it’s existence. I say this to not to excuse science, but to open one’s mind up to different possibilities not matter what it may be.

Reality of time travel

While you may choose to believe in it or not, there have actually been test performed by certain agencies that have actually proved the theory to be correct. Such experiments that are based on claims was the “Philadelphia Experiment”, and the “Montauk Project” that are most widely known. Although they are just that “claims”, you can’t ignore the fact that different militaries around the globe have performed these kinds of test and others under shrouds of secrecy, such as the “German Bell”. This is where after the fact, we get stories from around the world from individuals claiming to be involved in such test and projects where no one really believes certain truths while being denied and played down as a hoax.  

Additionally, there are actually well-known cases of people that have been involved with the military that have said to have time traveled to different points in time to gather materials for reasons unknown. One such person was John Titor. He claimed that he was sent by the U.S. military but got involved with other things on his journey and sent out posting on the internet during the early 2000’s. Although it may very well be a hoax, there are many individuals with similar stories claiming the same thing and can be found on media outlets.

If you dig even deeper, there have been well know people that have actually experienced mental time travel and one such person was Nicola Tesla. He claimed that while doing an experiment he accidentally touched a conducting wire where he got electrocuted and claimed that he saw the past present and future as a single event. Although this was his experience, it is said that the past present and future is all happening now, and all probabilities and possibilities that have even happened and will ever exist is now, or the present. Also, this is where parallel realities come into play, which is most likely the reason why people experience such things as time slips where the individual suddenly steps into a different time or reality where everything is of another time period.

When you put everything into perspective, what really is time. The very basic definition would be the flow of movement in terms of how our brains can distinguish events in a sequence so we can understand our current surroundings. So, if we look outside of that, it is said that with all the chemicals that make up the structures of brain, we hallucinate our reality, and on the spiritual side everyone in it is a direct reflection of what we think. So the question would be, what is outside of what we can’t visually see. Many alternative theorists suggest that, that’s where the fourth dimension lies, or the matrix or life. Since no two people have the same perspective of reality, we really don’t know for sure because we are born into a collective consciousness in which we are forced to visualize the world in the same manner.

When we put time travel into the mix, scientist have proved that everything is made up of matter, and all matter vibrates at its own frequency. If we remember an event, it has a specific signature that contain its own frequency within ourselves and all experiences we will ever have and have are just that, a frequency because everything is matter. I’ve wrote in past posts about a man named Agee Nost where he explains that everything is of the mind, and the mind Is capable of producing whatever reality you choose to exist in, and the only thing that stops the realities we choose all comes down to belief. So with that, let’s look into way that time travel can be possible.

Ways to time travel

timeSo how is time travel possible when everyone says it’s not. Well, it depends how you look at it. Many sites that I have visited suggests that you really can time travel, BUT, it’s only a mental visitation of a memory. This is only meant to change the way you feel about a past event where you come to terms of regret, sorrow, or any negative emotional outcome that came as a consequence. In my opinion, this doesn’t really do anything, but it makes you come to terms with your feeling so you won’t make the same mistakes over again, live and learn. In practical terms it makes sense because the longer you hold onto negative emotions, the more it affects your personality leading to unwanted emotions and behavior. So yeah, if time traveling to make a negative emotional outcome positive is what your looking for, then try it because it really come down to how you feel.

While mental time travel is indeed possible for most situations, there are other situations that sometimes need a little bit more intervention. Before we dive into that, since we live in our current timelines, you may be wondering what happens to this timeline if we did in fact make the jump. Many theorists claim that once we leave this timeline and go to another, this timeline simply falls away from our current perspective. It can be compared to a video game in way that when the character moves throughout the game, the current point of view buffers providing the scenery in what you expect to see. Although you are moving through time, everything in your reality is buffering, but the scientific community calls it hallucinating. So with that, you indeed set the stage for what you choose to believe.  

Since it may seem there is a lot to take in, you as an individual has to realize that you are a limitless being coming from limitless energy. Once you set intention anything is possible. While it may seem like it’s impossible some claim to have some degree of success, but then again, it’s all of the mind.

 Here are a few possible ways of time traveling.

  • One possible way as specified earlier is through frequency. Since we know that everything is a frequency, it is said that if you can match and sustain the exact frequency, we can in fact travel back to any time that we wish to relive. Believe in your heart that it will be and it will become. If you do a web search and look for time travel frequency, there are many videos out there, but choose something that agrees with you while visualizing what your trying to achieve.
  • This leads to visualization. Visualization is the backbone to all reality because in the energetic field thoughts are things, and things are again frequency. When you combine visualization techniques with frequencies you in become to a degree limitless.
  • Another way is to change the outcome mentally, although earlier I specified that it just changes the emotion of the outcome, some claim that if you visually change the event and act as if it has changed, you thereby can change the frequency altering the event. While it may seem easy enough, as specified earlier, your beliefs have to match your visualization and intention. The other part to this is that while you may want to alter your timeline, you need to keep in mind that having only good intentions can provide you what your seeking.
  • If you’re an electronics person, there is some chatter on the web of something called a time trip box. It’s basically an electronic box that generates frequencies that distorts time surrounding the individual holding the box. If this interest you, id like to hear from people that actually used it.

While these are a few possible ways to time travel, many individuals will tell you that, the past is the past, and you will never get it back. If you know deep in your heart that it is possible like anything else, you create your reality. You may read about the “grandfather paradox”, but if you’re trying to correct a past event, why would you want to travel back in time to kill your grandfather so you’ll never be born. As I said it’s all about intention, and if ill intention is involved the likelihood of time traveling falls away.


Since this is my interpretation, there are many skeptics that are entitled to their opinion. The premise of this article is to help someone achieve happiness where having an open mind can fulfill certain changes they would like to achieve. Hopefully one day soon, time travel will be acknowledged so we can potentially perfect our lives in any manner that may be. If you have any information regarding this, I would like to hear from you.

X-x”Be the change you want to see in the world”x-X

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