Life spark

I am.

About to walk out, I packed my things for the day. Making sure I got everything as I glance around my room for whatever may be neccessary for the day. Its dark out maybe I need a light sweater. Wallet check, cell phone check, watch check, let’s see what else, oh yes my keys. The thought of leaving is a bitter ending to a good night’s sleep I suppose. Maybe it time to go. Leaving the house hop in my car, drink my coffee, light a smoke, and think about all the things that I can be doing at this very moment. Maybe I should of studied more, or maybe I should of listened to reason when I had the chance, I don’t know let me think. All things come to mind when driving, and seeing all those billboards ads, so hear I am driving to somewhere where I been a thousand times, and doing a job that never gets done. Sometimes all you need is that little extra whatever to appropriate your life’s goals. Some say it’s a spark, some say it something else, but what I do know a spark can quickly turn into a raging fire that can clear the field or destroy the dream. What do I know, I’m  just driving and thinking. Lessons learned, here and there, now here I am.

Lets see If I can find the missing piece to perfect my life.

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