Multidimensional reflections.

I am.

Rather spoken, here nor there. I will spend my whole entire life force in this mind lock we call reality. The parallel aspects of this matrix we inhibit, is a constant movie that I would like to be the star of. The undertaking of research suggest that we are more just our current selves, and has shown we are more than we could ever image. On the other hand, Our minds can only comprehend what we are contained to, but when the container is altered we are visually disoriented by the new view. This seems to me that we are not quite yet evolved to understand the higher truths of certain alternate versions of ourselves. Many think if you pass the threshold, ones isn’t physically capable of the digestion of information that is not native to ones state of mind. While drugs and other psychedelics are used to promote such a reality, many people can not handle the new vibrational waves that hit at out very core. An understanding of things can help the untrained mind to venture, and ultimately capture the true essence of what it truly means to encapsulate the human experience. This really can help the journey of the multidimensional reflections by seeing that everything is split in two. When we truly understand we are a collective conscious of a species we can finally evolve to where we need to be.

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