Visitation rites unseen and the unknown

To the unbeliever, the skeptic, and the closed of mind pertaining to visitation rites unseen and unknown.

          Their is a force much more greater than what television and the media will ever offer you. You’ve heard the stories, the first hand accounts, and so on, about other worldly events that made unbelievers question their very core by the very existence of the unknown, or a certain visitation. This is not limited to extraterrestrials, but rather all things seen and unseen. Many people seem to be unaware of pretty much everything outside of their handheld device creating in a sense, a zombbafied generation of individuals aimlessly walking into oblivion.

        When you dig deeper, the device that your using is a product of innovation and technology paving the way for acquiring information that would other wise not be available. If you told me years ago I’d be using a mobile device for other than talking I wouldn’t understand, and the further back you go the technology as of today becomes unheard of. The twist to it, is the further from the past we get, we still aren’t able to figure out how the ancient people did what they did such as pyramids (energy sources), rock work, and the infamous paintings depicting different life forms. In my opinion, I don’t think we will ever find the hidden truths or “technologies” used  because we are technology based meaning we are propelled by machines, whereas, they created for the sole purpose to please their gods. So it begs the question where they helped.

          The point i’m trying to make, all things are derived from a “zero point” that inspires someone to create something from nothing, this is where the power of thought is holds weight. When you research individuals that create such as Tesla, Jobs, Einstein the one thing they had in common was that information seemed to come out of nowhere, by which you create something that does not exist as of yet, but made enough sense for them to change the world. On a spiritual platform, it is said that information can be given to any person that is ready and willing to accept it, in a literal way, information is also considered a gift, as we are all given gifts from birth, the trick is to identify them and each gift is given by a creator. To that effect who then would be the creator. With this in mind, we are put to sleep when we enter the formal institution of education. I say this because all schools are a fact based system that guide you away from your true self, you either go with the machine or learn to think for yourself.

           Strangely enough, most of the world’s influencer’s either had no formal education, or have dropped out of their educational programs altogether, but by some mysterious force were pointed on a direction that made a significant impact on how we interact with people, and the world around us. Rightly so, either direction this discussion goes it ultimately has no ending. All skeptics if given the right circumstances eventually see the light. All it takes is a certain visit, a certain event, or something other than what is already known. We are all reflections of a greater mind, but someone or something has withered our God given light and put us in a false sense purpose. As the X files put it “I want to believe”.


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