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Visual spectrum

Visual pleasing is this earth of ours. The trees in the wind, the shadows of the day, the birds chirping and all the clouds in the never ending sky. You figure the only thing that binds us to the material world are these suits of raw mater that interacts with all things seen and unseen. Are you happy you were born, did you see and experience all things you wanted to. In all our comprehend-able reality, our consciousness is a force field that materializes all things in our waking life. The notion of other worldly experiences that is dismissed based on a scientific observation is absurd. I am the creator of my journey, but am limited toward the passage of action, which in layman’s terms is referred to as time. You are equipped with all things needed for the journey and a mind that allows for the ride. You cannot have one without the other and all things based on a visual spectrum is true, but limited ones belief system. You are gold, you are whole, and you are complete. You are you.

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