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vision boards: 10 day challenge

Vision board challenge

vision boards: 10 day challenge

Doing a challenge and completing it, always put you in the right frame of mind and propels you into action. The issue with reading a program that will change your life, is many do not finish the program or if they do, they tell themselves they will start tomorrow. Tomorrow arrives and there is something more important, like a sports game between two heated rivals or your friend wants to bend your ear for a few hours about their latest breakup. Start the challenge and promise yourself, that no matter what crops up, unless it is an emergency, you are going to go 10 straight days on your challenge. You want the universe to answer your requests, so you have to prove to the universe that you are completely serious and not just, “thinking about it.” Okay, read day 1 and get into massive action.


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Day 1- Do you really understand what you want for your life? You need to be clear on this with yourself and with the universe. When asked the question, “What do you want in your life?” many people will respond with, “I don’t know or I think I’d like to start an online business but what if it’s too hard?” To really attract all that you want, you need to clear with unwavering positivity.

Assignment: Today, you will find some “me” space and sit quietly with a pen and paper. Write down everything that you want to happen in your life. Just do it in point form and let it go. Get it all out on paper. If you end up with 10 items related to abundance and only 5 in regards to relationships, which is fine. Today is just getting it out. Whatever you write it must be what you really want, not the, “I think I want type of answer.”

Day 2- Now you have a massive list of items in all areas of your life. If you didn’t write out everything from abundance to health, go back now and get it done.

Assignment- Today, you are going to take abundance, spirituality, health, relationships, weight loss and any other category you came up with and drill it down. For each category, you will pick the top three items. These items are going to go on your vision board, along with your images and affirmations. Each day you look at your vision board, you will see this goals and visualize them as having already happened.

Day 3- You have opportunities that others do not have. You earn $10K, 20K or 30K a month. Are you grateful for the opportunities you have in life? Are you grateful that you have good food to eat, a warm place to sleep, a loving relationship and an abundance of money. The universe needs to know this and in turn will give you more of what you ask for.

Assignment- Today you get a gratitude journal. It can be from a store or online. Search for one that has images and quotes on the cover that inspire you. There are gratitude journals that are prompt based-if you have difficulty coming up with ideas for what you are truly grateful for. You will get your journal today and start the journal the same day. This action time. You could even start the day by writing in your journal, “I am grateful that I have this beautiful journal to describe with gratitude, everything that is blessed in my life.”

Day 4- Like the prompt journal which has some ideas about what you could be grateful about, sometimes our day needs a kick start. Yes many people will say that coffee is their kick start and they couldn’t do without it. However, for vision boards, we need something that turns us electric and powerful.

Assignment- Today you are going to pick a manifesting song. Each person will have their own ideas of what will get their juices flowing into manifesting a lifestyle that moves them. Some will choose Buddhist chants or high energy dance music. There are limitless ideas and it is up to you. Here are two top picks that many people find gets them motivated, excited and energized to visualize success. “Eye of the Tiger”, which was featured in the Rocky movie and “We are the Champions” by the rock band Queen.” If you look online at the lyrics of “We are the Champions,” you will see why so many people choose this song to get them into massive action.

Day 5– Today you create your powerful, intentional affirmations. These will go hand in hand with your goals. When you create the affirmations, put them on your vision board and carry a copy with you. You need to say your affirmations with conviction. Stating them in a nervous low voice, that doesn’t really believe anything is going to change, means you are right, nothing will change. Saying them in front of a mirror with power and hand movements to back up the feelings, will also make sure the universe is watching, listening and acting on your behalf.

Assignment-Today you write out 20 powerful affirmations that are specific to you. They have meanings so powerful that when you say them with conviction, you can literally feel chills. Once you have 20 written out, pick the top 10 that speak to you the most. You will need to decide how many you can add to the vision board. This is going to depend on the size that you make it. So if you used that strong brown parcel wrap paper and cut out a five foot piece to do your vision board, you won’t have a problem putting 10 on it. Keep all your affirmations, practice them daily and if need be, tweak a word or two that increases the electric feeling you get when you say it loud and proud.

Day 6- Today you need to start thinking about where you will get your board, images and tools. Look around the house and make a list of what you already have, because you will need to shop for the rest. Create the best board possible.

Assignment- Today you go and buy the board and pick up any magazines you need from friends, family and co-workers. If you live in a condo, check the recycling room for any old magazines and books with pictures. If you have thought hard about your board and now that you need images that may be hard to find in a magazine, drive to the nearest thrift store. You need a thrift store that has a book section as well as magazines. If your board is large, you may even consider the cover of old record. The cover art on most of the records back in the day was pretty amazing and you could use that as the center part of your board. Round up all your supplies today, because tomorrow is going to be a big day.

Day 7- Today is the day that you go through everything you have or picked up in regards to your board. You want to make sure that you haven’t missed any items, so that you don’t end up taking a break from board creation and then miss a couple of days.

Assignment- Today, you cut out all your images and trim them up. Borrow the kitchen table and tell the family it is pot luck day for dinner and everyone gets their food on a plate and eats elsewhere. The kitchen table is probably the biggest table where you live and you need the space. Place all your images, buttons, postcards, seashells and whatever you have for your board on the table. Look at each one carefully. How do you feel about it? For example…you went to the bank and got a $100 or even a $1,000 dollar bill-and now looking at it on the table, you get a strange feeling, then you need to figure this out. What are you feeling? Do you feel that you are not worthy of an abundance of money? Some people who grew up in a house where money was always scarce or the main earner suffered a horrible bankruptcy, may have these negative feelings about money. If that is you, then you need to change your beliefs and understand money is a tool which you use.

For all your other images, if you feel negative about one but don’t understand why, then perhaps remove that image and replace it with another. You want to be able to look down on the table and see that everything gives you supremely positive feelings.

Day 8- Today might be one of the more fun days you have ever had. This is the day before you actually create your board. To make your visualization fun and powerful, you will be picking a visualization buddy.

Assignment- You may have thought that today, you would find a friend and tag them as your visualization buddy. In this case, we are not talking about people but objects that cause you to have extreme positive emotions. Your visualization buddy, is an object that is small enough to be carried in your pocket. You can pull it out anytime, anywhere and get an instant feeling of joy. You will use this buddy in conjunction with your manifesting song, when you visualization in front of your board. Here are two examples of a visualization buddy. You want to travel. Your ideal destination is an island with white sand beaches and warm tropical water. You’ve hear Fiji is amazing and you have pictures of Fiji cut out for your vision board. Getting a small colorful seashell to carry around with you, is very powerful. You could also use beach glass or small colored rocks that come from the beach. Any of these will do fine. You just have to believe this “buddy,” came from the island you want to visit. Hold it in your hand, close your eyes and vision yourself on the beach of your choice.

A gold coin that you can carry in your pocket, to attract and manifest more money is a great idea. The weight, feel and color of a gold coin prompts very positive feelings in the vast majority of people. So if financial abundance is big on your vision board, this might be the one for you.

Relationships can be truly wonderful. If you are going to attract the person of your dreams, finding a picture of a couple who have been married for 50+ years might be a visualization buddy for you. You could put the picture on the board and get another one laminated to carry with you. You know that if these people can have a happy committed and loving relationship, so can you.

Day 9- Today is a huge day. You are ready to put it all together and create a miracle in your life.

Assignment- Today you schedule the time to put your board together. Decide if it is a collage on one side and goals/affirmations on the other. Or pick a central theme and place that in the center and work outwards. This is your board and you decide not only what goes on it, but how to put it together in a way that will move you. Once you finish your board, you need to hang it where you can view it the most and that should be a quiet spot. Hang your board and stand back and just gaze at it. Don’t visualize the board today. You want to get it into your brain and let your subconscious work on it overnight. Your brain is going to tell you if it is perfect or you need some work. Make sure to go to bed early and do some relaxing breathing to let all your muscles release any tension. Sleep tight and the work will go on, while you peacefully get your rest.

Day 10- Today is the day you start the road to all you desire. Overnight you should have slept well and your brain was actively processing what it saw on the board. Today you will have your first great visualization time with your new board.

Assignment- Today you tweak your board. You only need to tweak it if overnight your subconscious mind worked on the board and there is a feeling of unhappiness or a lack of emotion about a certain image, goal or affirmation. If so, fix it up now and get it right. When you are ready, play your manifesting song while holding your visualization buddy. Sit in front of your board in a comfortable chair and clothing. Just relax and breath nice easy breathes. Gaze upon the board and let it take you on a journey. All the images and words will speak to you and enter your subconscious mind. What you want from the universe will be put out there and with this and positive, consistence actions to move you forward, your vision board will complete what you desire.

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