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How to stay motivated when life is beating you down


How to stay motivated when life is beating you down

Isn’t it strange when people say, “stay motivated” or “stay focus” , and positive when life Is beating you down, while everything you do never really works out? Well, if your anyone like me and like millions of others, you’re not alone. The thing about staying motivated, how I come to understand this, is like running a marathon. No matter how fast or slow you go at what your trying to accomplish, you will eventually cross the finish line with enough determination. 

Although there are many variables and varying degrees of difficulty, and life’s not so good surprises, which is a mile-long list of things that can go wrong and most definitely will, just remember, keep on keeping on. You as a person are stronger than any outcome, anyone or anything can throw at you. 

Staying focused


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While staying focused is the most obvious, this is why many people’s goals never seem to come to fruition. This could be a result of family responsibilities, work, and mainly friends where there is a constant pressure in doing things outside of what matters the most to you. Many individuals become side tracked and tend to get preoccupied thinking, “oh I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I don’t have time”, or the one I always hear, “I tried it and it’s too hard”, and all the while just showing up is all it really takes. Meanwhile, we live our lives always dreaming about what could have been after some times has passed.

Likewise, I do understand that sometimes, we try, and try at goals we hope to achieve, there is always going to that one issue that never seems to go away. Whereas, that one issue can be a multitude of reasons whether to keep going, or to quit altogether. Depending on the type of individual you may be, you may welcome the challenge, but for many other when things get difficult, we seem to tuck our tails and pursue easier outcomes. This where the problem lies, if something is too easy to accomplish, many other people are doing the same, which may, or may not result in fulfillment where it seems the more harder something is to achieve, the greater the reward.

Although we as individuals have predetermined makers in our subconscious that only serves us to keep us alive in the face of danger, our subconscious can’t distinguish between a mental challenge and a physical one. This is where many motivational people bring up the idea of going out of your “comfort zone” to see how far you mentally capable of going. When you really think about it, everything that you have and will ever have done has started with a thought which manifested to the physical realm, and all our thoughts came from the subconscious which is a direct reflection of what we perceive ourselves to be. Which serves the idea thoughts are things, and thoughts are energy.

So, if you think you can’t do something, you have already set the vibrational tone in which failure is most likely the outcome because you have some barriers or mental blockages that you can’t see past, while tying in the idea of being motivated.  If you are able to see past your weaknesses in which we all have, you are more like to stay focused because the attention you have placed on something of value outweighs what currently occurring in your life. It’s like the say goes, “attention flows, where attention goes”.  

So for the purposes of being focused and staying focused, here are some helpful tips in staying the course, but most of the time, if you are going after something of worth, sometimes you just need to work on “YOU” to purse your goals no matter what the obstacle. While it may seem easier than said, it really boils down to persistence.

Ways to keep Focused

  • Define what you would like to accomplish daily – this ultimately makes you focus on what your trying to accomplish and why. If you can’t define what you want to accomplish for today, the chances of anything being done is nil. This over a period of time either makes you create something of worth or nothing at all.
  • Keep a schedule– While we think we have time for everything, the opposite is true. If you go throughout your day constantly thing that nothing is working, you tend to lose momentum where nothing gets done. If you make a schedule of things that need to be accomplished, you are more likely to spend enough time on each task in order to execute the next. Even if you set aside an hour a day, that’s 7 hours a week.
  • Keep good company– Many times this is the main contributors in you not doing anything. If you surround yourself with people that don’t want the same goals as you, guess what, you retain that low vibrational energy. Whereas, if you find people that want to create, and go after similar things, you are more likely to follow thru even when things are out of your control. Also, making better friends and acquaintances will direct you in a better path while helping you to achieve your particular goals.
  • You time– It may seem obvious, but people tend to get caught up with other people’s affairs where they are leading them away from what they should be doing. This could be from drama caused by friends, family, work, or anything else there can be a major distraction. If you find that your life and problems are too overwhelming, it may be a good idea to take exercising classes, learn meditation, or perhaps speak with a trusted individual that can help you on your way. Often times all you need is a little rest and time to regroup and rethink, but just remember… life is hard, keep going not matter what.
  • Remember your life matters– I wrote an article titled “why your life matters” on this very subject, check it out. When life seems too much, I totally get it, sometimes your getting beat to hell, but always remember that someone’s is always relying on you. It may not seem as such, but what you set you focus on whether personally, or potentially globally, you may have a direct result in someone doing something somewhere, where it totally changes the world for the better.

As you can see sometimes the things that go right and go wrong, aren’t necessarily you’re doing alone, but a collection of choices. We have the ability to change our thinking, but it is really up to us to change for whatever reason to satisfy our worth, while living the lives we choose to live. Many notable people can attest the fact that striving for greatness is no easy feat, and that many times the choice to quit never leaves. You should remember that doubt always follows expectation, but if you have a reason to be motivated, you can greatly quite that little voice in your head, saying “if you quit now, you won’t fail”. This is why motivation is the key to success.

How does one stay motivated?

motivateDepending on who you talk to, many people manipulate their weakness for motivational purposes. For example, let say you wanted to create something that doesn’t exist, but everyone tells you it won’t work. But the thing is, you don’t have the necessary skills to complete difficult tasks, so what do you do? Many people that I personally know of that built businesses from nothing have attended classes, met the right people, worked for free, and did many other things that aligned themselves with the frequency that they are chasing. Although some have failed, most of them went out to do what others said wasn’t possible. This is hugely dependent on your willingness to pursue dreams that are worth chasing in the face of odds that don’t stack in your favor.

When we drill down to what motivation is, we can see that it pertains to a lack of. This lack of can consist of reasons such as housing, monetary issues, relationships, families, friends, and really everything and anything that gets you up out of bed each and every day. This is the exact reason why we see what’s in the world today, it was based on a lack of then, and the motivation behind it was survival. Each and everyone will have their own “why’s”, but most of the time the “why’s” turn into “tomorrow’s”. From there the issues are compounded to a point where the lack of, is accepted, while being multiplied to the next lack of and so on. This results in additional problems, and cycles that can’t be resolved because instead of focusing in on one problem, now you got a few.  

It’s really a strange thought how as we individuals think our lives are in total control, but we have no idea of what tomorrow brings. While life is based on our willingness to live another day, it seems weird because it can all come crumbling down. The point is, while we live our lives based on the present, we all are motivated by something. Sometimes we just don’t see it, and need a little suggestive material to get us through the day.

So how does one stay motivated when life is beating you down?

  • What are you pursuing and why? If you can answer this question, just doing what your doing should help you on your path. Since many people aren’t sure, this is where doubt and fear kick in because there is no authority over what they say is true. If you know your “why’s” that half the battle, and showing up is the necessary steps needed to complete a particular goal.
  • Ask for help– Although it may seem easy enough, many people are caught up in the idea that they can go at it alone, but the reality is, we all need help at one time or another. This can greatly influence your creativity and willingness to complete tasks while receiving firsthand experience. Whereas, if you don’t get help, and are stuck on a particular topic the chances greatly increase of you not succeeding because of frustrations, and other negative thinking. Also, if your doing something that never worked before, it greatly helps if a person knows how to help and correct your issues.
  • Don’t lose focus– It can be difficult when things are constantly being thrown in your path that seems as if life wants you to lose, just know that dealing with uncertainty undoubtedly helps you to deal with the small things while chasing your dreams. No one said life was going to be easy, but having direction and knowing where you want to go, can effectively guide you to the right situations.
  • If all else fail, visualize the end result– Although we can speculate on how we want events to go, sometimes life doesn’t pan out as planned. When you got the exact picture of how you portray yourself in the event in does materialize, you ultimately propel yourself to the end goal because you know exactly what your chasing. Seems easy enough, but many people fail to see the bigger picture and fail to continue on with what their hearts desire. We only got one life, why not go for gold.

For the most part, we live our lives for each other, but often times we lose track of who we really are. I’ve heard time and again that if it wasn’t because of this, I would have done that, and while they still had a choice, they continue on the same path. Your life is yours, and you only get one shot. I understand that we all have problems in which some problems are greater than the next, but if you never truly try something of importance, you never really know what direction that specific choice will lead you.


If you’re reading this, you like me, sometimes have a hard time staying focused while being motivated while living life with all it’s glory. Just know that you are not alone, and there are many people that are always willing to help, you just have to ask for it. While it’s true, that no one is guaranteed anything, I’d rather have tried and lost, then have not tried at all. This is my observations and this is my truth. My question to you is, what motivates you?

X-x”Be the change you want to see in the world”x-X



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