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What makes someone a spiritual person.

What makes someone a spiritual person?

If you were to ask me what makes someone a spiritual person, I would ask you, what or who do you believe in? I say this because there is no one thing that defines, or classifies any given person into an obvious mold people make spiritual people out to be. In all “reality” whatever you determine that to be, we are all spiritual beings living a temporary three dimensional existence for the sole purpose of learning and evolving, and growing as an individual.

what makes someone a spiritual person.

Many people that practice different forms of what they call altered states seem to direct there focus out of the mind of toxic thoughts to make themselves come to conclusions that cannot be otherwise attained. Also when altering ones state of mind with or without drugs for educational purposes, you tap into the energetic world where you see things for what they truly are. There it is said you have no limitations of knowledge, health, and well being because you are a vibrational spectrum that comes from all things divine. The only difference between you and a individual claiming to be spiritual all comes down to accepting what is and what can be without the filters of society and how they tell us to be.

Many spiritual gurus seem to in some ways put down the everyday person for not having the same standards they have set for themselves and in turn, all people in their mind are going down the wrong path. In my opinion, we all have our own lives to live while dealing with our own personal issues. Many times individuals are not ready to go down certain paths because they haven’t learned what is needed to grow and evolve their minds, and sadly most never do. Although, anyone can be open to different realities, it just depends on what they are trying to achieve. I read post on different platforms where people are in some need of fulfillment because of life’s hardball’s and are trying to deal with what is presented, ranging from all things under the sun, moon, and stars.

I personally cannot tell you, or for that matter no one can tell you what your looking for, it’s purely a matter of the heart, because after all, that’s all there is. On the other hand, once you find what your looking for, chances are, there is a whole world that opens up and at that point you are a new person. There is a quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes which states “One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions”, which seems to encapsulate the true meaning of living. Usually I tell people that go down a spiritual path to be ready for all things and everything because, somethings it seems, and sometimes literally it’ll make you feel like you’re losing it, but all it is, is your subconscious objecting to a new program, then from that point it gets interesting.

Generally speaking, the way to spirituality is though ones heart and mind because that’s where all intentions sits waiting for whatever you intend to do. If you decide you just want to learn about spirituality there are many different people that discuss their ways that helped them, but their way may not necessarily help you. Essentially, the way to spirituality is finding the root problems you wish to confront, and the enlightenment you reach is what the main goal is, sort of like an epiphany. All the while, once you dive into different aspects, you tend to go deeper down the rabbit hole, and find a whole playing field where nothing and everything is possible. This post cannot fix any problems but just gives a little insight into the spiritual realm where this can go many different ways and hit on many different topics, but that’s for a later time.If your looking for a change in your life I would suggest reading the “Laws of attraction“. Hope this answers some questions. Travel well.

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