What is a miracle?


What is a miracle?

 A miracle is defined as a spontaneous event with no known logic or reason, basically. While we as individuals assume nothing outside our current reality can happen as just that, sometimes events do come along and change our perception of the world around us. In terms of spirituality, nothing is impossible, and all the while the only thing that holds us back is our stubborn non-belief of the spiritual realm, or what’s known as the quantum field. If I told you, you are capable of performing miracles, would you believe me?

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Whether or not you believe in miracles, the fact of the matter is, you as a person, are the miracle. If you really think about it, you out of all the many possibilities that exists and that will ever exist, you became you with all your inherited traits, personality, and all things that make you, you. When you put it in to perspective, it’s like building somethings billions of times with the same idea, but completely unique with no two the same. So basically, call it a miracle, right? As we dive deeper into this post, there are two types of miracles that have magic in their own right, and with the right set of eyes, you can see the world completely change around you.

  • First of which we have individualized miracles. These are the type of miracles that only pertain and are unique to you. This can include, spontaneous healing, finding something that has no explanation as to why you found it, going somewhere and have no idea of how you got there. Additionally, this can include mysteriously obtaining something that is greatly need. It also can be a chance meeting with someone that seemed impossible, surviving an event that you know you shouldn’t have, and so on.

Individualized miracles

As you can see, you are indeed a walking miracle because if you really think back on your life and visually see all the different outcomes that could have come to past, but didn’t, it really makes you think what forces allowed you to be here and now. While many people don’t believe in miracles and many miracles are not always for our physical benefit, 10 out 10 times people’s belief systems change when spontaneous positive outcomes come at a time of illness. All the while, the power of magic we hold in our minds came to pass due to some unknown force that materialized into your physical being.

When you step outside the mainstream education system, you soon realize that you are an eternal energetic being in which you cannot be created nor destroyed. So, when you think in terms of energy, you can see how powerful you really are, but with limitations of the mind. A way to visualize this is to think of how a computer works. Although a computer is powerful in terms of producing works of art , it is up to you to input any information good or bad, but if you create a program or “paradigm”, you truly can create your life and perform miracles that otherwise wouldn’t exist. This is because a computer is only intelligent as the person using it. Furthermore, the part of our brain that determines programs is our subconscious, in which it records all our beliefs, habits, and all programs that are autopilot, meaning these are the results you expect to see. If you wish to see something different, change your mind, if that makes sense.

To me it seems that more and more people are in search of something outside themselves, but don’t necessarily know where to look. It is obvious when you search certain platforms and see people doing the exact same thing to obtain whatever goals, but this doesn’t automatically make someone happy once achieved. While it’s true that one’s person happiness doesn’t fit another’s, many individuals are falling away from their true selves for the sole purpose of acceptance. This is exactly what makes for undesirable conditions of the mind, while trying to achieve what seems like magic or miracles.

Although we are headed down our own paths, sometimes it’s good to know where you want to go. This is where recent methods such as Law of attraction, and vision boards come into play and have significantly changed people’s lives based on the belief of manifestation. If you dive into these techniques, they both basically teach you that the more thought and visualization you place on something to happen with a high frequency, such as the feeling of happiness, the more likely what your seeking will show up unexpectedly. This is because everything in this physical plane is made up of a certain vibration on a microscopic level, including our thoughts, and when we match the vibration of what we are seeking, all and every limitation is off the table where anything is possible. This is truly where the miracles happen. I wrote more about this in other posts check em out.

It’s really odd that we as people think, we to a degree are helpless where things just happen, and the things that happen make it seem like we cannot do anything about it. This is ultimately far from the truth because as we ascended to this plane, we put together our lives in our original home, in which we are the sole creators for the purpose of living a physical life that’s all about learning. Sometimes it seems like, what’s the use, when it’s predetermined, we do in fact have freewill, and this freewill we can produce any outcome we choose, or the opposite. Also, there’s going to be times that somebody or something will make their way into our life’s where no other logic or reason can be found, just a miracle. This leads to the second type.

  • The second type of miracle is what I like to call circumstantial because somethings, or events need to happen in order for miracles to reveal themselves. When freewill mixed with opportunity, anything is possible while truly making life exciting.

Circumstantial miracles

This type of miracle in my opinion is the nail bitter because you never truly know what happens next. It’s like watching a movie, and while you see all the characters acting out their on-screen lives, you get a bunch of twists and turns while predicting what going to happen next. Then as your thinking how much worse can it get, depending on the genre, sometimes the main characters find exactly what their searching for in a time of need, but didn’t fully realize it otherwise if certain scenes never happened.

While movies are just a play on our imaginations and minds, our lives to a degree are a movie where we originated with a script, our mind is director, and everyone in it are actors. This is where it seems we get bored with our lives because the script Is stuck on a loop, and nothing we seemingly do changes anything. So, when we talk about scripts, there is a manifestation technique called scripting in which you write down all the things you want changed about your life and everything in it. This could be a new car, house, person you want to meet, job, career, and everything else that pertain to you.

This is where is gets tricky because sometimes what you want materialized into your life isn’t necessarily what you need. This could be because of a variety of reason stemming from a belief that your desires are not worth obtaining, or your desires are not coming from a place of love. Whereas, if you put full faith in what you want and let the universe take care of the rest, everything that falls into your lap seems like a true miracle.

If you’re like me in which I like a surprise, sometimes just living your life in the now can bring events you never saw coming. For instance, let’s say you were going somewhere and your vehicle happened to break down, where the engine was completely gone. From there you had to get towed, and you were dropped off close to a convenient store with no clue how you where going to fix your ride because of financial reasons. Then you decided to get a drink and purchase a lotto ticket, all the while thinking how you going to come up with the funds, and paid no mind to the lotto ticket you purchased. The very next day you wake up, check your ticket, and there you have it, money troubles gone.

Although a hypothetical event, many people around the world place themselves in these kinds of situations very unaware about the miracles right around the corner. What may seem like a bad day, situation, or event, it is exactly what’s needed to align yourself with what the universe is trying to deliver. This is why the law of attraction, and many other methods suggest that sometimes action is needed in order for a series of event to unfold to get to a point that allows you to receive. This applies to a person, place or thing that can mysteriously manifest into your reality, but as specified previously, it’s all about belief.

Circumstantial miracles can really show up any time, but is dependent on how you choose to live your life. The whole point of living is to get up, and get out to enjoy the world around you. This can ultimately set you up for success because you are focusing on what your trying to achieve why living in a high vibrational life. In many spiritual circles this is where the magic happens, and what happens can really seem like a true miracle because of your alignment to things you wish to seek.


Since we are all spiritual beings living a physical life, sometimes things just happen. Although we try our best to do what best for us, and the people we love, events are going to happen, it’s just apart of this crazy life. In my opinion, I would rather have tried and lost, then not tried at all because if you never go after something that makes life worth living, you will never experience the magic that life has to offer, and the miracles that can come out of nowhere. With the right mind and belief system, you can indeed create your own miracles, but sometimes we all need that helping hand. If you ever had any miracles that occurred in your life, I’d like to hear about them.

X-x”Be the change you want to see in the world”x-X

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Very cool article. However, I don’t believe in miracles – I rely on them hehehehe.


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