Hearts of gold.

I am.

The YouTube channel that I have found that gives the exact insights of how strong the human spirit and how courageous the human condition can be is a channel called “Special books for special kids.”The creator of this channel travels the world interviewing all types of people with different disabilities, and has a genuine discussion of who exactly they are, rather than a visual representation of who they seem to be. By doing so you get a glimpse of someone’s world that would other wise be hidden in vast spaces. The one thing I see they all in common is appreciating all things big or small and wishing for change among people, such as acceptance in society being a major focal point. I find this to be the most giving of in nature because we can all learn some aspect of what is discussed and apply it to our daily lives. No amount of money can ever replace a sincere mind, and a heart of gold is worth more than all the weight combined.

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