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Why Vision Boards Fail and How to Fix That – Try This

Vision Boards

Why Vision Boards Fail and How to Fix That – Try This

A vision board is not “push a button,” and all you desire will appear. There are reasons why your vision board might fail, however that is only temporary if you take steps to fix the issues. Let’s go over four reasons it may not be working and how to fix that.

Although intention goes a long while trying to manifest your goals and desires, it is ultimately up to the individual to work on what may be hindering your visualization skills, specifically your vision board. If your interested in reading more about vision boards, click /vision-boards-to-attract-a-specific-person-or-lifestyle/

The Fail – Reason 1

You put in the work and built a vision board and that week you haven’t seen any results. A check hasn’t arrived in the mail, there were no phone calls from your dream person to date or that house you want…you wonder if someone has to build it first?

The Fix:

Take a moment to realize that the universe isn’t an atm that you just plug in a number and cash comes flying out. The universe has to fully understand what you want and then align that with the right people and circumstances. You need to spend quality time looking at your board and then meditating and visualizing what is on that board. Without some action on your part, the universe will not see your request as urgent or what you truly desire.

Try visualizing in a way that it is already yours and how happy and excited it makes you feel knowing that it is in your reality. This is in a sense putting energy behind something that does currently exist as of yet. The more positive energy you put behind something, you are actually creating your reality. 

The Fail – Reason 2

You decided after what you thought was a reasonable time, to change your goals and what you want to manifest.

The Fix:

There is a time to adjust course with your visualization and your goals. It isn’t a week or two after building your board. You need for the universe to give you a success and then if you really want to, make a slight adjustment. Adjusting your visualizing and your goal setting too soon, results in you not believing in what you are asking for and in turn the universe doesn’t full understand what you desire.

This could be better understood when you order something online, or a fast food restaurant were you place an order, but you constantly change your mind after the order was placed. By being very specific and detailed on what you want, you will get just that, if not, you will receive something totally unexpected, or nothing at all.

The Fail – Reason 3

Your actions have not been 100%. You build your board, started meditating and visualizing and then skipped a day or two. Then you went back to your board for a few days and then did another skip because you just don’t feel motivated to work it.

The Fix:

You need to adjust other things in your life, to make sure you give your full attention to your board. This means giving up things that do not move you forward. This could be watching television before work and then coming home in the evening and letting the newest movie release grab your attention. Do you want your visualizations to come into your life? If you truly want it, then you need to put forth the right actions, with the right mindset. Nothing will get in the way of you visualizing and receiving what you really deserve in your life right now.

The Fail – Reason 4

You forgot the rule…in order to get what you want, you must help others get what they want.

The Fix:

You need to fully understand the principle of giving and being grateful. The universe looks for people who are giving of their time, love and yes even their money to help others. When you give, you feel grateful for what you have and want to share it with those who have less.

Respectively, the universe sees this and in turn, gives back to you. You have so much to grateful for. Have you sat down and listed it out? Try that today and when you see how much you already have in your life, you will be grateful and want to share. If you don’t feel grateful for anything at the moment, remember these wise words, “Everyday above ground is a great day.” People who realize that just the gift of their life, is something to be truly grateful for. Thank the universe, your creator, for another day above ground.


When your trying to manifest what you truly want and desire, sometimes we need to step back and trust in the universe that it will deliver at some point. Also, we need to remember that we are the creators of our lives, and all that we currently feel is a signal to the quantum field that this is exactly what we want. This is where the gold lies, if you can align yourself with positive emotions and outcomes, you can have anything your heart truly desires. We are a just a thought, and thoughts and everything created around us in its simple form is energy.

If you have had any luck with vision boards, please comment below. 

X-x”Be the change you want to see in the world”x-X


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