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Universal consciousness and Aage Nost

I am.

Universal consciousness and Aage Nost

It seems there is an increase of people that come out of nowhere with a different perspective of life other than what we know, and how their thoughts and ideas can possibly change the world. It also seems too, that we are slowly realizing there is a truth behind their thoughts that are not taught. The strange part to me is that while they have indeed tapped into some universal consciousness, it is indeed information from old teachings that are creeping to the surface in which we don’t realize the significance until you are in a way, forced to do your own research. For instance, there are skeptics that do not believe in paranormal, but once the person has an experience, the lights are turned on where a whole other world exists, all the while people say, “I told you so”. Such as life, seeing is believing and what you allow yourself to experience will only broaden your awareness of what so called “reality” really is.

When you dive into topics that are not as you would say “mainstream” you come across people that have done their research on subject matter that expends well beyond the educational system where the gold really is. For the purposes of what is presented here, a man by the name of Aage Nost explains how we more than just our current selves, and by which I mean we are more than own physical bodies, and that all our god given power is placed with in our minds. You may choose to perhaps acknowledge a different truth based on your own sense of purpose, but when you allow a different perception to enter, you then understand things at a much deeper level. Although it can be said true for just about anything, I believe what we has been taught is just a distraction of what we can truly understand outside the matrix and ourselves .

Aage nost also has a compelling book that’s titled “Spiritual science, higher conscious thinking, and how to access the universal consciousness” that covers a wide range of ideas that stimulate the mind if your interested in his book, you can find it here. —-> Some chapters are,

  • Let the most powerful force in the universe do the work for you.
  • How to be happy
  • Effect of lack of love
  • How to send love
  • spiritual prayer
  • correcting the past   (this one i find quite interesting)
  • What is the soul
  • and so on.

While there is a lot of information that is talked about in his he clearly explains things at a level where anyone can truly understand the points he’s trying to make. He does a good job identifying what people really want to read about because he acknowledges that we are connected at the spiritual level living a physical life. Once you understand this you can see how powerful your thoughts and your mind really is, but just like food not everyone likes the same thing. I found this video where he covers a lot and explains what you can become if you think outside the box. check it out.



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