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Paranormal Experience


Paranormal Experience

So what is a paranormal experience? A paranormal experience is defined as an event that is unknown in origin and cannot be explained in scientific terms. Although recently, the scientific community has started to acknowledge with the use of scientific instruments, many people and scientist can confirm the presence of such strange energies that manifest itself in some way shape and form. To better understand what a paranormal experience is, lets dive into why such occurrences happen.

Why they happen

Scare truthSince no one knows exactly why paranormal activity exist there is a lot of speculation as to why it does happen. When you think in terms of energy, we know that energy is neither created or destroyed, and when it comes to a soul, we are told that once a soul leaves a body, the soul then transfers to the afterlife, which is what is called source energy. Depending on your belief system, you either go to heaven which is the pearly gates in the sky where you spend the rest of eternity in bliss, or you go to some other hot place where you’re not so happy. The other place that you can end up is on this physical realm, but with a nonphysical body waiting for something, or someone to set you free.

Depending on what happens to an individual on their physical journey, sometimes that person wasn’t ready to exit this plane where someone or something is holding them back from proceeding to where they must go. This happens when a tragic event occurs and that person is not fully aware of where they are, and what lead up to that point. Whereas when many people that have experienced near death experiences claim that they are hovering over their body and witnessing everything that is going on, but have no connection to what has just happened. Although fully aware, they are a pure conscious energy source with a sense of individuality. This is likely the reason why the things people experience have some personal, and emotional value from what they have just encountered.

When you listen in detail to the many stories of the paranormal, you will learn most stories revolve around a loved one that for whatever reason has choose to stick around for a period of time. This is accompanied by certain scents that linger where they should not be, objects being found in places that have been mysteriously moved, or someone other detail of significance that keeps arising. Many times, if the person was a smoker, or always wore some type of fragrance, the scent just appears what seems like out of nowhere. It could very well that, that specific soul wants their loved ones to know they are they are there and have never left. This to me, seems plausible because the soul is conscious and aware and often times would not just appear in a frightening manner knowing that this would not end well, but you also hear of other cases when it was just the opposite.

For reasons that us mortals can never understand, the presence of such energies manifest itself sometimes the night of, or days after visiting certain monuments, houses, places, and other locations where there is surge of energy, or remnants of a past that held dramatic events. Usually when this happens there is some sort of electrical field, waterways or structures that basically snapped an energetic movie that constantly replays itself where individuals can visually see the event unfolding. When acknowledging that everything is energy, you can see why this is possible, and visiting places such as battlefields, abandoned hospitals, houses, ships, graveyards, etc., you not only see the past events sometimes, but you can allow sense the heaviness the air holds.

Furthermore, when you feel adventurous, you need to proceed with caution visiting places such as these because depending on your level of sensitivity, your mind and body acts similar to that of an antenna broadcasting the energy you emit. This results in unwanted attachments such as certain spirits, entities, and other energies that aren’t considered, how would you put it, pleasant. With these kinds of attachments, usually the affects doesn’t come in all at once, it’s usually subtle to where you don’t realize it’s taking place till it rears its ugly head. Some clues would include, noises, flickering lights, changes in attitude, cold air where it shouldn’t be, animals acting strange, miss placed objects, and most specially dreams. Depending on the motive of the spirit or other, when you’re in a dream state there is no barrier for the spirit to cross and is the reason why dreams can easily be manipulated and show you things that you wouldn’t ordinarily be aware of. Often times, the spirit may simply need help to resolve issues before ascending to their point of origin. Other times, when an entity is involved, they attach itself to negative energy and emotions where you as an individual are affected mentally, physically, and spirituality.  

While we think we are in complete control over our lives, the only real aspect that we are in control of is our thoughts, emotions and actions. Everything outside of that is left to chance, and depending what you get yourself into, it is said that with drug and alcohol use, you leave yourself vulnerable to certain spiritual and energetic attacks because your vibrational field is weakened. In regards to paranormal experiences, this may very well be the case, but for someone that is a pure skeptic and many other people that do believe, the conditions for such things that happen is a mystery when substance abuse is not involved. I tend to believe that people that are open minded and don’t necessarily do such things, it seems that these kinds of events are more prone to happen because you know there are other things outside of ourselves and the this dimension that we interact with. Also the mind is a powerhouse where it can present anything into our vision and amplify our deepest darkest fears. 

Who they happen to

Mind scareWith all that I have experienced, what I can conclude as to why paranormal experiences happen is not due to one reason, but many. In my opinion, it basically comes down to the places you visit, and the kinds of things you do attract them. While it is said that they are all around, given enough energy they are able to manifest into the physical realm. Shows such as “Ghost Adventures”, does a good job in investigating different places around the world while using tools whereby giving the spirits an opportunity to communicate through. Strange as it is, amazon has a full category of such tools, and if you’re interested check em out here, ghost detectors.

Although there are many shows that depict the presence of spirits, you should proceed with caution because if you’re a curious person, you might just summon some energy that can latch on and cause many problems throughout your life. If this is you, there are many spiritual healers that can cleanse your energy field while sending that certain entity into a light field while releasing you of negative thoughts and emotions. This is why I don’t understand why Ouija boards are sold at toy stores, when you think about it, it just boggles the mind. Likewise, these are many other paranormal aspects that deal with other worldly beings, it is up to you what you choose to believe what is real.   

Similarly, the very people that find them, or other people that just happen to experience them, they say it can be mild to extreme events where anything and everything is tossed around the room with visible physical attacks that leave markings such as scratches and other bodily harm. These are the entities that really cause havoc and should be better left to the professional to handle. While you may hear many credible stories, It just depends if it can happen because if you are unaware of the land you are building on, or the new house you move into, you just might have permanent guest that are unwilling to leave. This goes back to the prior events that occurred on the site that can date back hundreds of years while you are unaware until it decides to say hello. Additionally, the very people that say it is meant to scare people and just simply stories, they are in for a shock when they are standing face to face with something that they deny. While you may choose to believe, or not, these are my observations.


While paranormal experiences can open your eyes to vast possibilities, it is a sad reminder that the very spirits that are roaming this earthly plane where once living and breathing individuals that once had a life and family. Whatever circumstances that lead them to be held back from ascending on their spiritual journey is most often unknown and should ultimately be handled with care and caution. If you encounter a spirit that does no harm, I personally would tell the spirit to go into the light where they can finally be at peace. Often times that is all that is really needed for them and your sanity. Then again, to each their own.  

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