Patience Is Power: 5 Ways To Improve It


Patience Is Power: 5 Ways To Improve It

Feeling frustration so regularly can lead to a multitude of emotional and physical health issues, especially when we are used to controlling and manipulating every aspect of our lives. Luckily, it is possible to improve your patience and your mental and physical well being. Below are five ways you can improve your patience (and remember, patience is a virtue!) and take back your power. 

Patience In today’s day and age of fast paced and continuously advancing technology, we have come to expect immediate gratification all day, every day. We now have the means to communicate with a friend across the world with one click of the “send” button, or even speak face to face, in live time, through video chat.

We have the option of ordering our groceries online, which can be delivered not only same day, but within a matter of hours.

Streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu have graced us with the opportunity to find out what happens on the next episode of our favorite show without leaving us in suspense until the following week.

We can even select our significant other from an app on our phone and gather most of the pertinent information we would obtain from the first date, without having to get dressed or leave our house! While all of these recent conveniences certainly have their benefits, they have also allowed us the ability to avoid practicing the art of patience.

When a situation does not go according to plan, we tend to become frustrated. We feel as though we don’t have the time to allow for such an impediment to our day, which causes our stress hormones to skyrocket, causing us to become agitated.

With that said, here is a list of 5 ways to improve your patience while taking back your power. 

5 ways to improve your patience


Mediation requires that you go inward and focus on the present moment (not where you need to be or who you need to call) as well as engage in deep breathing techniques, which help to reduce stress and anxiety. You can hold a mini-meditation session in almost any given scenario.

2. Practice Gratitude

Use these opportunities to create a mental gratitude list. Choose to focus on the positive things that you are thankful for in your life and watch yourself remain calm. By giving gratitude you ultimately receive it return, in which it signifies that your in alignment with your emotions and thoughts. 

3. Employ empathy and compassion

Patience requires you to allow events to play out, to stop resisting what will be, and to accept situations that are out of your control.

Practice approaching challenging situations with a deep breath and an empathetic and compassionate attitude. This will not only help the person or people you are engaging with, but you will also find yourself in a much more positive headspace throughout the remainder of your day.

In regards to the law of attraction, you allow yourself to let universal energy flow though you by letting your current situation play out knowing that you will receive that of which you put out. If you constantly have feelings of impatience, guess what, you will receive more of that. Here is an article for further reading if your interested in the law of attraction. /vision-boards-to-attract-a-specific-person-or-lifestyle/

4. Reduce stress and anxiety

Finding ways to reduce your stress and anxiety will ensure that your fuse isn’t too short, and you are able to encounter unexpected delays much more calmly. Exercise (even a brisk 10-minute walk!) can reduce your stress level significantly.

You may also enjoy the momentary escape of reading a good book or developing a hobby that you have been meaning to put more time into cultivating. If you are in a more relaxed space upon encountering a frustrating situation, you will likely be more inclined to take a pause and allow for the space needed between experience and reaction.

Also by having a hobby, you let the your creative energy guide your thoughts by figuring out what out what other ways to approach stress, and other aspects that cloud your actions. 

5. Practice!

This probably the single most important step you can take greatly improve your patience. Find situations that would normally frustrate you (such as waiting in a long line) and regularly place yourself in these situations, rather than seeking the quickest route out. When you are in alignment with what you want, you stop chasing your goals, but rather let them fall into place. 

Use the time to your advantage and try a few of the following activities:

  • take a break from reality and catch up on tabloids
  • email a friend or family member you’ve been meaning to catch up with
  • read a book on your phone
  • plan a hypothetical vacation

When our internal feelings are in disharmony with external events, our health, careers and relationships may suffer. Technological advancements will continue to buy us time to accomplish more in a day, which is why is is of utmost importance to our well being that we practice the art of patience and become better equipped with handling ALL that life has in store for us. Ultimately, we are what we want, rather than, we are what we flow with. Once you realize this, you will let your energy (power) flow though you guiding you to where exactly you would like to be. 

X-x”Be the change you want to see in the world”x-X

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