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Spiritual medicine for the soul

spiritual medicine

        Spiritual Medicine for the soul

It makes me happy, but rather amazed that our bodies with conditioning, can actually perform miracles under the right circumstances. The mind, body, and spirt is an entity dependent on how all three work together, such as a phone with no service, but ultimately comes down to personal choices. Although we interpret illness as a measure of weakness, sometimes the answers we are looking for are on another plane altogether, but we are trained to think this dimension is all there is in terms of physical well being.

mind body and soul connectionIt is suggested that once a person incarnates into the physical form, we agree to certain terms and conditions outside our present knowledge. You probably will never truly know the purposes as of why such things happen, but sometimes we get hints sprinkled in and around our lives when dealing with circumstances outside of our control. One of which is children born with certain disabilities such as down syndrome. Although you may see it as a negative result for you and the child, the gifts that the child’s brings cannot be learned otherwise, such compassion, and bringing almost a pure love in a sense that encompasses the child. While this an example, sometimes our purpose is to learn lessons on the physical plane where we cannot learn these lesson from where we came from, so i’m told, but makes sense based on my own personal experiences.

While you may think that nothing or no one has control over the things that come into our lives, but the honest reply would be that we attract and create our would around us. From the people we meet, to the foods we eat, our homes, cars, desires, and to just about all aspect of our daily lives is governed by the laws of attraction.You, at one point of your life put out to the universe that whatever you currently have, you subconsciously exhibited the exact frequency which matched up perfectly in so resulting in what you may perceive as negative or positive. When you realize that the universe does not function on feelings alone, you learn that the universe Is a giant wishing well giving you exactly what you wish for, but through the use of frequency and vibration. It would be like tuning into the music that you don’t like and expecting a different outcome, but this to a degree is exactly how it works.

When you put this into perspective, our bodies are no different in the way we react to frequencies by learning from experience, and what has happened to people around you. Some individual stories suggest that the more you’re in tune to the universe, you can acquire all knowledge that exist and will ever exist based on the facts that there is no past, present or future, just now. With that, you can visualize any and all outcomes just by looking for the right information which is currently existing inside you. That is why many gurus say to mind your thoughts because it’s has been said “attention flows, where attention goes”, whether good or bad, and the feelings you put behind it. This ultimately impresses the subconscious giving you exactly what you want from the point of energy matching the frequency.

You may think to yourself this new age thinking is out there for me, but the fact of the matter is everything we are learning is slowly coming to light where it has been taught for thousands of years prior to our present day. If you did a little research you quickly find that information is everywhere, but the interpretations have been skewed or lost for whatever reason it may be. In my honest opinion, I would assume that information was lost for the purposes to control the masses in ways that prior “powers that be” could capitalize on the needs of the people. Again, there are stories like this everywhere such as a man by the name of Valiant thor, you can grab the book here The story goes that he was sent to help the people of our would, but was denied because it would not benefit the economy, that in a nutshell is a swift kick to the groin. When you read about what can be, it makes you wonder what other fascinating stories are out there. This is why your mind is a powerful tool, because once you take back your control, you decide your future, and to that affect, knowledge is power.

There are presently things you can do to raise your vibration such as mediation, yoga, listening to frequencies that are 528hz which is considered the miracle tone. It is said that this frequency resonates and connects to everything in us and the heavens above. Although these are ways of raising your vibration there are many, but what really matters is your belief and the intent you have on an outcome. Wim Hof gives a very good explanation and his take about this subject matter, but what may work for you may not work for others. Its basically a matter of the heart and what you hold to be true in your subconscious. We as individuals clearly have the power to change reality, all you have to do is provide exactly what you want to the universe by projecting what your soul truly desires. This is meant to be at the very core medicine for the soul. You can also read more about certain topics that I discussed at another post the mind body connection on the physical level

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