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Why you should work with the law of attraction

Law of attraction

Why you should work with the law of attraction

There are many reasons as to why you should work with the law of attraction, but before we dive into that rabbit hole there are some things to ponder. While you may already have an idea of what the law of attraction entails, you should know that you are in essence the power of conscious creation. Your ability to create out of pure thought is a miracle science cannot truly understand because of the nature of your spiritual self. In addition, the components that make you who you are, are passed down in ways us mortals cannot fully grasp on our physical plane. Even deeper, our thoughts are a vibrational field that projects and attracts an invisible field that are governed by the laws of, you guessed it “attraction”.

I would be lying if I said I understood the powers that be, but I have come to certain conclusions of why attraction works, and how it’s at play in our daily lives. The other aspect of this is that although you may not be manifesting anything at your current awareness, your subconscious never stops communicating with the universal mind. This is why many spiritual advisors advise you to mind your thoughts because with every thought there is a certain vibration attracting a like vibration giving you what you give off.

Such examples are

  • Greed- This is considered a low vibration because you are not giving back from a place where the universe has provided. It is said that universe will give you more in return of that in which you give. Usually greed deals with deeper issues that will be worked out at one point or another. To many this would be karma at the point in which it really matters. Life has funny a way of making a point.
  • Hatred like greed will provide the same scenarios based on the matters of the heart. In my opinion hatred weakens the heart field when talking about vibration leaving you vulnerable to psychic and physical attacks.
  • Depression – while depression is a state in which we can’t control, we are directly pointing our mental compass in a way in which we will receive more of. You can say the universal conscious is cold hearted, but in reality it doesn’t care how you feel, it’s just giving you more of what’s on the forefront of your mind.
  • Sickness– Although we may think we have full control over our lives, such illnesses that strikes fear in us can show up because we place a certain amount of thought and emotion where we gave it the power to manifest. Likewise, if you keep saying somethings going to happen, that of which you don’t want shows up because of expectations.

From the list above you can see what can happen in our lives just from thought. However, the list can be a mile long because the wants, wishes, desires, unwantings, etc, is different from person to person. Consequently, we are creatures of habit, and without intervention, “sometimes”, we can never come out of where we came from. This is can be associated with your environmental upbringing, parents, friends, that brings upon a strong enough influence that dictate your actions and or belief systems, whereas I like that to call programs.

A program is what is considered a subconscious playbook that done over a repeated period of time can alter personality, and other conscious characteristics that otherwise wouldn’t be a suggestible factor. law of attractionWhen people talk about emotions, when factoring in the law of attraction it is the emphasis of how you currently feel at any given time. Usually, when asking for something coming from a place of lack, consequently you will receive more of which you give off. An example of this would be placing an order one day and getting it the next, resulting in buyer’s remorse. In regards to this, you give off the vibrational field, and you are given exactly what you’re asking for, but at an energetic standpoint. Likewise, you cannot directly communicate with the universe because it does not understand language rather energy (vibration), and you cannot communicate with the subconscious because it only understand emotions. Subsequently when you have impressed the subconscious with enough emotion on any given situation, it has no choice but to reprogram an aspect of you whereby changing your vibrations, it would be like  changing a radio station to fit your mood. Furthermore, when your vibration has change, you will receive change.  

Ways to raise frequency and vibration.

There are many ways in raising you vibration, but the intent varies from person to person. Your reasons will ultimately be a deciding factor for growth on a spiritual level where many people will see the change and question your alterations. This is where the statement holds true when it is said, “for your life to change you need to change”, and no one, and I mean no one can do it for you, only you. You see, many people think they need some miracle, or savior to present itself, but the power that you hold has no limit and never takes a break. This is because you are a spiritual being living on a temporary physical plane that wants to learn and evolve in regards to your higher self. Although there is no right and wrong in this life, only lessons, we have a choice to make a better time we have left. So when we choose a positive path, sometimes we need a little help to raise our current vibrations. Such ways consists of,

  1. Affirmations – this would be a positive list of things you would like to change usually starting with “I am”, but you need time for this.
  2. Eating more natural foods, greens and plant based foods.
  3. Connect with nature. An hour outdoors in nature can improve your overall mental state.
  4. Meditation which ever you choose. There is really no right and wrong. There have been studies that if you have enough people meditating on the same thing can really change the world. It’s called the “Maharishi effect” check it out.
  5. Forgiveness- this can really set the tone and path in which you want to travel.
  6. Gratitude- If you have gratitude in your heart anything new will be a bonus.
  7. Love- This is the ultimate key to the universe in which all things vibrate and at (528hz), and in harmony with. If you think in terms of origin in which we exisit, it would suggest we came from source energy.
  8. What makes you happy, and so on.
Law of attraction

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As you start to see the bigger picture, we are more than our flesh bodies, we are indeed connected to everything at a monocular level. When you start thinking in terms of frequency and vibration this is where the laws of attraction really come into focus. While many people say otherwise, we are a sum of all our thoughts which relate to actions. When you really think about it, a thought has enough power to transform your whole world without doing a thing.

So with all this mind, what exactly are the laws of attraction?

  1.  While simple enough, the power of imagination can create anything that you can mentally conceive. This is the basis in which Einstein, Tesla, and many others used theirs as a tool to bring forth into their reality. There’s a saying which goes “if you can hold it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand”.
  2. Since our minds process many upon many thoughts, this is where asking the universe with a clear and concise message can portray what you really want.
  3. Strong desire. If there is no emotion behind what you want, it’s really an empty request. It’s like a comparison to that of an empty promise.
  4. For you to really put effort into what you want, it would be wise to write down in order of things that you do want and read them 3 times a day.
  5. Act as if. By acting as if, you in effect put yourself into that vibratory field sending out the universe that you have claimed what’s yours, and in return you will get more of.
  6. This is the number one key to manifesting your hopes and dreams. Without a strong enough belief, you are contradicting what you want and will in return get more of that which would be coming from a place of lack. It is said that everything that you will and ever want and need is right in front of you, but if you don’t believe in what you want, and ask for it with the wrong vibrations, you will never manifest what you truly want. This is because everything is a vibration.

Although this is a reference point, the fact of the matter is we are always manifesting, day and night, everyday all day. Just like you manifest what you would like to eat, drink, wear and so on, we are conditioned to believe the things that we truly want are simply of out of our reach. This again stems from upbringing and so on.

I talked about a book called “it works” in another post that pertains to these laws of attractions but simplifies the process in which anyone could understand. The main point to manifesting is that if you can impress your subconscious of that of which you truly desire long enough, anything, and I mean anything is possible if your beliefs hold true. The other thing to remember is when asking for the things you want you should make sure the things come from a place of love because what you bring forth may not necessarily be good for you, and those around you.

During your manifesting trials, what may work for you may not work for others because there is no one mold since we are all different. You just have to always remember what you put out to the universe trust that it will deliver. We are all a part of an infinite field with no limitations, whereas the only limitations we have are those we impose on ourselves. Once you realize this, you are truly free. Everyone is of the mind, and we are just a simple thought in this moment of time, and its up to you how you choose to live, think and feel because it is your choice.


So to answer the question why you should work with the law of attraction?, the answer would be simply you are an energy source working with source energy, the more you are at sync about who you really are, you’ll soon realize exactly what you really need in your life. This is why many people chase other people successes, but don’t want the failures while never truly looking for what really makes them happy.  

If I may ask, what has worked for you?

X-x”Be the change you want to see in the world”x-X

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