Never tap out on what matters the most


 Never tap out on what matters the most

If I were to say to you, you should never tap out on what matters the most, what would you tell me and why? This is something that every individual that existed, and that will exist, at some point will have to face whether or not the choices are right or wrong. I would assume that my determination varies from person to person, and comes from varying degrees of personal experiences and the outcomes of circumstances. Ultimately, we as individuals are all part of a collective conscious that guides our decision making pointing us towards a direction that is not at all cut and dry. Likewise, the choices we make for whatever reasons one has, has enough power to change the world.

Results of choice

So, what is a choice, a choice is basically defined as an act of selecting something or somebody. At the physical level it is defined as such, but at a much deeper level, you get into the spiritual side of who you really are that determines the different paths you take. For example, let’s say your passion is in the research medical field, where you spent a significant amount of time chasing your passion, and let’s say you were constantly put down with people saying, it’s impossible what your trying to accomplish. Many individuals in this instance would cave to the power of suggestion because it ultimately digs at your mental weaknesses depending on the source, i.e. friends, family. You with all your power at that point have to chance to proceed, or simply walk away and choose an easier course, whereas people that stick with their principles have gone above and beyond what the naysayers have ever said. In this instance, by walking away, that choice had the potential to reach generations of people in such a way that all of humanity would be thankful for, and all because someone said it wasn’t possible. On the other hand, while moving forward, your predetermined spiritual self, may have just created an entry point while learning what was needed for the next leg of the journey.

In this regard, many individuals have gone through this very instance where they needed to learn something whether it maybe defeat, solitary, experience loss, etc., it eventually made them see circumstances in a different light all together. While the learning lessons were hard, each and every person never lost sight of whom they really were, and by experiencing these events, it caused them to have a different approach and ultimately perfect whatever it was they were working on. In hindsight the experience was the actual teacher pushing them in the direction they needed to go, but without It, the true outcome would have never been. While failure is result of a failed experience, it shows us that it didn’t work, and we should approach it at a different angle, other than what didn’t work. Furthermore, It is said that insanity is doing something the exact same way over and over again expecting a different result.  


 While that was an example out of many, we can clearly see why you going after the things that matters the most to you is so important because some choices really can alter time, and time is something we “supposedly” can’t get back. This is where it is said that reality takes somewhat of a turn, and down the rabbit hole we go in regards to a multiverse theory which states,

“The multiverse, also known as an omniverse or meta-universe, is a hypothetical group of multiple universes. Together, these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, and the physical laws and constants that describe them.” Multiverse – Wikipedia

Additionally, this also suggests that all choices ever made has the opposite outcome that branched off somewhere down the line and every choice their after. Consequently we will never really know the outcomes that pertain to each decision because we are observing our current point of view. This then gets into the realm of higher selves because in many spiritual circles it coincides that of NDE’s where we all have a predetermined path or what is called a “spiritual contract” that governs our lives. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Adjustment Bureau” this suggests that there is a force guiding us in such a way to make a particular outcome become reality with just a slight missed opportunity. Furthermore, in the grand scheme of things we are all missing the bus only to come back to where we started, or hopefully relive that aspect because if everything that was, or ever will be is right now, why can’t we grab it. While this stands true to many individuals, people have claimed to have some success of using the two cup dimensional jumping method where you place an outcome you currently want changed in your current reality by stepping into a different timeline of your choosing. So basically you get,

2 cups 1 full of water and the other empty. From there you focus on the intent on the glass of water of the things you want changed, but with a belief that it currently exists in this reality. Imagine it in your mind that it is, and after a few minutes you drink the water, it becomes.

Although this is one method, some people claim to have some degree of dimensional jumping success to their desired reality based on thoughts alone, but ultimately we cannot deny that facts that water has certain abilities that are not quite understood by science. When  it in term of our bodies, it is said that we are over seventy percent water where all our molecules have stored a specific program to hold a facet of energy together, and without that information we would be unrecognizable. Similarly thoughts can potentially change anything about us, but we just have to tune to the right station based on vibrational theories discussed in other posts in this blog. You can read more here, Mind and the machine.

Consequence of quitting 

So, when we start putting things into perspective, our thoughts have full control over what we do, say, react, and so on, based on the feeling we have on any current situation. This is where many people make hasty decisions and not fully preparing for any unforeseen consequences that may arise after the fact. It’s a strange thing in my opinion that many things that are crucial in one’s life isn’t taught in an educational setting, but rather an entertainment one. Like the movie “the butterfly effect” which basically states that, if enough small changes in one behavior or choices made today can completely alter your current future. Strange enough, if you made a critical decision today based on a temporary situation, you to have forever altered time never fully realizing the significance of one single act.

Alternatively, there are many reasons why not to quit and there is some reason we truly cannot comprehend on the grand scheme of things, but here are a few reasons why where we all can understand. While giving up is easy, sometimes the road less traveled will lead you exactly where you need to go.

  1. When you quit enough times, this eventually turns in a habit where you never reach your full potential. This is said true when learning new things, people, places, relationships and basically living life. If you get to a point where your out of your comfort zone, you’ll never really know how far you can go.
  2. The consequences of giving up at what ever it is that worth striving for, you’ll most definitely be regretting at some point of your life. Like the old saying goes should of, could of, but didn’t. let’s say you always wanted to go to school, and your true purpose was to help people but you thought it was to hard, and in return your living in someone’s shadow always dreaming about what could have been. This doesn’t even take into consideration the people that you could have impacted by a single suggestion or idea you may have made resulting in positive change.
  3. When any thing in life is worth doing, there is definitely going to be some difficult times. This may seem why there are so many quitters, but this is in direct relation to change where many people don’t like. There is a saying that goes, “If you want your life to change, you need to change”. While simple enough, the process in achieving goals ultimately shapes your personality, whereby you figure out who you really are.
  4. Lastly, the feeling that you get when you accomplish something you set out to do is like nothing you’ll ever experience. This is where you can tell all the people that ever said you weren’t good enough, you did it, and this is the true feeling of success. There are going to be many people secretly wishing you failure, but in all reality it is their true perspective of themselves. You alone have the ability to create your reality, you just have to set the intention and act as if you were. This is where the law of attraction comes into play setting the script for your success.

No regrets 

achieveAlternatively, there are many other reasons other than what specified here, you as an individual ultimately has the final say. What I’m trying to convey to you is, you should never let anyone talk you out of dreams, goals, wishes, and whatever, because if you do, you’ll never really know the places you could of have gone, and all the missed opportunities you could have experienced. You only get one shot at things, and that one shot has enough power to transform your world, and the world around you. Personally speaking, I would rather say I tried, than never tried at all because at least if you did, you were willing to go outside your comfort zone to see what you’re really capable of. This is the true essence of life and all that comes about is all apart of the journey. With that being said, I hope this inspires you, or at least makes you think about what it is that your trying to do, so with that, keep on keeping on,

X-x”Be the change you want to see in the world” x-X


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