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Freewill vs. the freedom of choice


Freewill vs. the freedom of choice

Do we really have freewill or is it just an illusion? This question is one that many people individuals have debated, but there is no real one answer anyone can really give you. In all sense of the meaning of what freewill really is, we assume that each action taken is that of choice, and each choice leads to each moment.

With options, which are mental calculations whereby expecting a certain outcome: are we to trust that each road taken is a thought of our own, or a predetermined projection of a well thought out screen play? In my perspective there are only two conclusions, either the creator really gave us freewill to do as we like, or we are pawns in a cosmic game preloaded with programs only created to serve a certain purpose.

What is Freewill

So, what is freewill? Freewill would be considered a moment, or moments that are of a physical or mental nature unique to the individual. This would include everything from thoughts, movements, desires, wishes, wanting, and anything else that produces a vibration into our visible spectrum. So with that, we are able to measure freewill based on physical interactions we have in the world around us.

If you take it a step further, each action or “will” we take is a chemical reaction through sensory input to satisfy a need or want we currently have. If you take into consideration the randomness of life, and the odds of us being born and alive in this very moment, it would be either we evolved to experience freewill, we are in a perfect simulation, or a creator has given us complete control over our lives.

Depending on your belief system, and how you portray “GOD” or the “Creator”, it seems as though, at least from my observations, freewill is only as good as the choices you determine best, at any given moment in time. I say this because in any given event, you are presented with an unlimited number of options in which you’ll never really know what the outcome will bring. If freewill was as certain as the sun rises, any action taken could ultimately be redone based on the assumption that we are in fact perfecting out lives.

For example, let’s say you really needed money for you and your family, and you always played the lotto with same numbers religiously, and you were a man of GOD. And, let’s say one night you forgot to play because you got off track helping someone out. The very next day you visit the store you always go to, and learn all your number came up the night before which would have made you a rich person with most if not all your problems instantly gone.

Although an example, these kinds of results have been experiences by many, and varying from any multitude of consequences. In my opinion, I would gather that if I am in fact, in complete control over my life I would have the ability to rewind and fast forward any aspect that I deem negative for the sole purpose of growth on this physical plane. Additionally, sometimes one’s freewill have a dominating effect on how you live your life, and when you check out, so you in effect give your feel will away unknowing of what the future holds.

When you research this on a spiritual level, we are ‘’GODS” in our own right, meaning we have chosen to incarnate to serve a purpose that is hidden from our physical thoughts only to satisfy a spiritual contract and learn about it after the fact. So, would you say that freewill is only absolute on the spiritual plane before you chose to touch down, or is freewill a necessity to help further along the fate of what we consider humanity. Basically, the questions we have, have no effect on own our freewill, and does not change what already exists.

The illusion of freewill

People in general tend to think they are in complete control over their lives, but most often fail to understand why certain themes keep resurfacing. Basically, what you chose to experience throughout your life is a subconscious reflection of who you perceive yourself to be, and Is directly tied into the choices and feelings you have on any given situation. In this instance, freewill is already governed by thoughts you never knew you had.

Although this article can be geared in more of a scientific manner, the illusion of freewill is said to be that of a spiritual nature where all actions and thoughts are predetermined. This can apply to the family you chose to be born into, the professions that interest you, and basically the life you live as of now. As such, choices will greatly differ from that of a wealthy family, then a person born into less fortunate one.

With that in mind, freewill seems like it would be more perspective because the lens we focus in on is only presented later on when we are aware of societal differences and the conditions we are brought up in. This is obvious when you take into consideration of what educational value brings in terms of what may influence behavior because our lives are dictated to what we currently know about our lives and the world around us, and the environment we are brought up in.

While we are taught just enough to maintain our lives such as work, self-care, and the like, we are subconsciously programmed to act in a certain manner throughout one’s life for the purpose of survival. Meaning, there is safety in numbers as with other mammals in the animal kingdom, and from birth, we are taught to bond since this is an instinctive behavior we are hardwired with. Since this is one aspect of who we are, it is easy to see other characteristics we acquire throughout of lives such as language, mannerism, and other defining traits of who we are as individuals.

Regardless, since we born into the lives we have, would this be considered freewill since many people experiences many undesirable events other than that of their own, or would it be more along the lines of chance and coincidences. Depending on who you talk to, this would tie into the idea of spiritual contracts-based soul growth. Indeed, you may have had the freewill to design your life as just that in the spiritual realm, but the lessons learned in the physical form may not actually be who you really are.

That’s why freewill seems like an illusion because no matter the road you chose to take, your future is and every choice you make is already set based on what you need to learn presently, or in this moment. In my personal view of what freewill really is, is the freedom to experience everything and anything with the ability to change any given outcome after learning what is needed. This would be to a degree perfecting one’s life as we are only are aware of one.


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Ultimate freewill

What would “your world” be like if you were to have full and complete control over each and every aspect of your life? This would include reliving past moments with the ability to change and correct certain things such as, what you may have said, and all the events leading up to any given outcome. In addition, ultimate freewill would provide a real change to any aspect of your physical self, since we only have one body. If our souls are presumably infinite in energy, why wouldn’t we be allowed such control.

Since freewill is at the very core of what gives us individuality, in some aspects I can see why we are restricted to a level in which gives the appearance of living a life of chance. From what I gather, if we where to change everything about ourselves, we would lose the ability to fully learn valuable lesson that transitions from one life to the next, if we are infinite beings. Whereas, if ultimate freewill was an absolute freedom, we would learn the necessary lessons, while fully appreciating each and every moment of what life has to offer, without the worry of not accomplishing what we deem worthwhile.

Furthermore, your life would be more fulfilling because each action would knowingly produce the very best version of you, where you are the ultimate creation according to certain scriptures. But, as for what we presently know, we live our lives according to what we have, and try to make the best out of what we got.

While ultimate freewill seems like something straight out of the movies, we really may be experiencing that of our own creation. Some instances may include coincidences, déjà vu, premonitions, and the ability to see our past and futures, but we have been taught that such talents cannot be completely true because it cannot be measured. In this instance, again it goes back to belief systems while our minds are trained early on to think with a logical mind. To say what’s real, is really based on perceptive, and since everything is a vibrational frequency, we have limited access to the true world around us.

In certain circles outside of mainstream thinking, there are ways of changing one’s life for the better, but all depending on your openness to achieve such success. One in which is the use of affirmations that dig down to your subconscious to alter behavior that changes thinking where your more likely to achieve a certain goal. Another is the use of binaural beats that can change appearance such as eye color, and so on with the use of mediation states. While it’s proven that all aspects our lives are that of a frequency, it’s truly up to the individual to believe such things can be altered. If freewill is of the mind, and mind is capable of anything, it would then assume anything and everything is possible with the power of belief.


life really a strange concept because we only know we exist because thought, and without thought how would we really know we are alive. This is where consciousness provides us insight to ourselves and the world around us by making aware we are moving in a physical environment. When you throw freewill into the mix, we are free to move, but only on a linear plane. Consequently, the choices, or your freewill, is ultimately based on a good choice where you only get one shot. To some, uncertainty is where the gold is, but for many we just have to wait and see. Regardless, we are part of a movie on the grand scale where we are actors in each and everyone lives.   

X-x”Be the change you want to see in the world”x-X

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Very in-depth article thank you. Impressive.

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