The great illusion of separation

illusion of seperation

The great illusion of separation

This picture in my opinion is a representation of how everything is interconnected. By helping each other the affects are shown when the picture is tapped on a energetic level. 

One thing that intrigues me the most is the illusion of separation we as people have on an individual basis. I mean when you think about it, we are born into individual containers living personal lives, but came from a single source. Depending on your belief system, you may or may not believe you have an origination point, but one thing we all have in common is everyone believes they are ultimately heading to a destination, where ever that may be when that day comes.

As we tread through our everyday matters, most individuals are unaware that everything we do directly or indirectly effects someone in one place or another physically, mentally or spiritually. As we dive into this post, we will look at the different ways the great illusion of separation is perceived to the everyday person, and how our actions branch out and reaches everything and everyone around the world.


Depending on where you come from, your immediate environment dictates your lifestyle and the certain choices you make. This is because of influences such as social, economic, landscape and so on, have factors that are strong enough to impress young minds therefore craving out a certain way of life. This holds true to each and every living thing that exists, and that will ever exist because our minds are made to survive and evolve to conditions known and other conditions that are not yet present. When you think in terms of plants and animals, they too are given a set of instructions to live a certain way, but their instructions are genetic and inherited that adjusts to environmental conditions. Although we are all different on the surface, we are all an energetic field that vibrates fast or slow enough to create our physical reality on a visible spectrum.

Although there are many other conditions that may influence you as an individual, we are all hardwired to bond and connect to people and the environment around us. In different parts of the world and past civilizations, it seems that the people that lived during those times considered the earth as mother, or some other word that describes the world as a place of birth and life and gave thanks and appreciation for the abundance they had at the time. It’s a strange thing because as we advance into our future, we are destroying the very things that sustains our lives by way of pollutional issues that could are easily avoidable. Furthermore, the influences that we presently have is a direct relation to the frequencies in and around the neighborhoods we live in.

Where we come from

From a mental perspective, we see ourselves as a form that is individualized with characteristics that no two people have. This is where, In my opinion, we generate our ideas of self and self-awareness. Let’s say we were all an ocean, meaning our bodies were made of water, we could not identify ourselves as one because this would be more or a collective conscious that has no parts just one, and while it may be true that we are all one, we couldn’t have an individualized experience. For many spiritual individuals, we are incarnated to this physical plane to experience life, or physicalness in a perspective that is unique to each and every living thing. This would mean we would come from a source or source energy because if our bodies are of a vibrational spectrum, the only real thing would be that of souls, and in turn would be in direct relation to which we came from.

The soul insideWhen looking at this as a spectator, this seems why most belief systems conflict because each one thinks they are right in regards to who and where we are created. In the true purpose of self, our ego’s run our everyday lives disregarding opportunities to reveal who we truly are under the surface. Although we see it as such, the very core of our existence is love. This wouldn’t be true if there wasn’t a need a connect and identify with someone or something which seems strange because it’s the easiest thing that we could possible do. On the other side of what we know, it is said that who or whatever created us, created our very existence out of an ever caring and ever nurturing purpose, and for whatever purpose that would be governs our relationship to who and what we encounter throughout our lives.

If you were to entertain the idea of the collective masses being as one, you can see why things such as music, art, movies, mathematics, and others along those lines have the ability to carry and affect our thoughts without doing a thing. When we tie in the idea of frequency and vibration, they are in direct correlation to how or minds and thoughts work when reacting to factors that have emotional value. This is why music is so deeply attached to people all over the world because if a song is played during an event of your life, that frequency is cemented psychologically where every time you hear that song or “frequency” you in a sense relive the moment. While art, and movies have the same value, they have to power to the persuade and suggest certain thoughts and provoke ideas about things you ordinarily would not have. Furthermore, Telsa once said that if you understood the significance of 3, 6, and 9 you would have the keys to the universe. From what I researched, this would assume if you in fact determined the relevance of such numbers you would discover the symmetry of life and creation at its purest form. I say this because our vascular structure for instance, is a direct copy of what’s found in nature such as trees and root systems, and as the saying goes, “As above, so below”.

However you put it, many people have tried to answer a lot the questions of separation of selves, but it seems that as one get closer, a certain aspect is left out never fully answering the question. Likewise, the truths that we are seeking is mirrored through chance encounters from people we meet during our daily lives which never seems as such until after the fact, and most often when time has passed. This could be why we get certain vibes from someone or some event that puts out a vibration that may or may not to in agreeance with our true selves. Regardless of how we feel about something, the true purpose which it serves comes down to learning lessons in which many times it is predetermined based on spiritual contracts, higher purposes, and the like. Everyone at one point or another has previously met every soul that he, or she has ever encountered through the many incarnations of this present life or lifetimes past, and when you met someone, sometimes you get the feeling like you knew the person your whole life.

In Theory

There is a theory called the six degrees which explains that anyone on the planet can be connected to anyone else in just six steps. Rightly so, this theory holds weight because most of the people that you come into contact with is basically a friend of a friend which goes on indefinitely, and loops around the world. This is how eventually everyone is affected with one single act, which includes choices that may not be so good thereby causing a ripple effect throughout a single society. There is a movie called “Pay it forward” on amazon, that is somewhat based on the idea of separation, but ultimately explains the idea that one single act if performed for eternity can greatly change people lives unknown to the person that came up with the idea to begin with. Although we can debate things that seem coincidence, we cannot deny certain feelings (vibrations) that presents themselves when there are connections formed on a deeper level. Similarly, since we are more than just our physical bodies, we are all pointed back to our true selves for the purpose of exploring who we are through the people that we meet.

To further explore this topic, there are instances of individuals that can remember their past lives only to be reborn in a new physical body, whereby being born back into this life, and sometimes the same family or having a connection to past individuals bringing forth to the present. On many occasions, it is said that these people are incarnated to right their wrongs, or to simply complete matters that in their previous life couldn’t finish, although on the spiritual realm there is no right or wrong, there are just experiences. If the idea that we as people only have one life, and one life to get it right, then energy would be exempt to the conditions of what it is means to be alive. Whereas we are for certain that energy can’t be created nor destroyed, that would mean that our souls were created from an infinite origin, or source energy in which everything comes from.


While it may seem we are disconnected from everything at a human perspective, you in fact have the ability to send energy from the very source you in which you came from. You can see this by taking your picture by an aura photographer where you can clearly see the rainbow of colors that you presently omit. This is very heart of the matter because everyone and everything is of energy, and energy flows in and out of everything. We are all apart a greater stage, living moment to moment influencing every part of your life and the people who come in and out of it, while influencing others in a sense causing a ripple effect. While temporarily it may seem we are all strangers outside of our paternal families, we are indeed a part of a greater family in terms of the energy from which we come from.

X-x”Be the change you want to see in the world”x-X

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