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Hustle Until You Prove Them Wrong


Hustle Until You Prove Them Wrong

To anyone that has ever had a dream and has a vision of themselves where everyone is saying you can’t, keep going….

Often times, people direct their insecurities upon the very thing you desire because they themselves did not see through what was important to them. This results in should of, could of, but didn’t, all the while regretting what could have been.

When you think back on your accomplishments and realize you could have done more, it really puts things into perspective of what life really means to you. While life is just a whole bunch of choices, the good news is, its never to late to go after what you makes you feel alive because at the end of the day, you have the choice to do nothing at all, or become something great.  

So, the question is, what does it take to make your chase a dream?

When you see the world around you, it all started with an idea, a simple thought really, where each thought transformed into action, and each action turned into a physical object. In the very sense of creation, we are all mere thoughts creating what we visually would like to see.

This applies to the computer screen we look at, our smart phones, to the cloths we wear, foods we eat, transportation, and everything that applies to our current physical spectrum. All the while, we take for granted the individuals that had determination to see their dreams through, while gifting to our current world their vision of what was not yet created.

From this perspective, many people have taken the ideas of long past dreamers and built upon their concepts ultimately perfecting a mental image that evolved to what we use today. This is obvious when you see what a car once was, to where it is today with all the technology and safe guards in place that was never thought possible at the time.

Although advancement is relative to when it is it created, meaning it will always be unique when on display for the first time, a choice to innovate is what separates people from those who do, and those who don’t.

Since our strive greatly differs from each person, a purpose to do, is what shapes our reality. This applies to all the individuals that have ever been hungry enough for a change even if failure was starring them right in the face. Whereas, with each failure is a learning lesson, and with each lesson brings you closer to success. This is where most people lose their way because most people can’t accept defeat, but when you look at failure as a tool, it will show you what you are doing right, and what you’re doing wrong.

dream weaverThat is why Hustle Until is a motivation factor because it will show your strengths and weakness by pursuing a particular goal while dealing with setbacks and obstacles, and you will have them.

When Chasing your dreams, their most definitely will be times when you want to quit, saying it’s to hard, and listening to that little voice in your head saying “if you give up now, its okay”. If and only if, you are stronger than your weaknesses, you can use it as fuel to learn what it takes to achieve your objective.

Here’s an example, let’s say you have a burning desire to become a famous artist, either music or painting, but taking classes and actually putting in the effort appeared time too consuming. You know, while watching TV, hanging out is way more important, and always putting it off till tomorrow, then tomorrow comes, and again tomorrow.

Before you know it, those tomorrows turn to days, week, months then years, all the while just showing up and putting in the effort is all it really takes. When you put it into perspective, being comfortable is a dangerous place because you will not only show up, you will never do the work, while time is slowly passing you by.

Strange thing about wasting time… if you listen to motivational speakers that discuss their accomplishments, many times there are speaking from a place of hardship and disability. One such speaker is Nicholas James Vujicic, this guy was born with no arms and legs, but has accomplished more than a room full of people without the ability to walk or hold on to anything. When you look at yourself, and the normalcy you obtain, you really have to ask yourself, what’s your excuse?

While this speaker is one of many, there are many other individuals that came from unfortunate backgrounds, and rough upbringings that created their unstoppable motivation. In all reality, no matter who you are and where you came from, with enough persistence you are capable of just about anything.

Gains of Hustle

So you have an idea right, what does it take to get started? Most people that have created empires did not happen overnight. Usually there is a ton of failures and a steep learning curve. You have to understand people aren’t born with a talent, but gravitate towards what seems easy enough for them to purse.

While each path is different, there is something, and will also be something one has to give up where it’s time or money, and sometimes both. If the idea or passion is great, you will never lose if you put in the effort and will be rewarded more than what you can imagine. Just take a look at Steve Jobs, if he never pursed the idea of the iPhone, Apple would have never taken off in the direction it once was.


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Although we each try to turn nothing into something, we all have our own personal goals. For instance, the website is an automotive platform that I have created that is years in the making in a sense the struggle it took to get to a point of being live. Early on, there was a huge learning curve because the information that was presented behind the scenes was like a new language that I just had to learn.

While it may not be a success as of yet, I did not allow that to stop me from pursuing other avenues I am familiar with such as The point is, nothing is ever, and I mean ever guaranteed, but chances are if you keep at it at different directions, something is bound to give. This is why taking advantage of your strengths will get you threw hard times, while learning from your weakness.

If by chance you have made it this far in this post, you should know that you are more than you give yourself credit for and capable of. The secret is knowing what will get out of bed each and every day to live your life as it was a fantasy turned reality. A lot of people seem to get caught up with “what if’s”, while not really living to his or her full potential.

Whereas, many people that have made it, meaning put in a position to be where they exactly want to be, had the potential, but lacked opportunity until that one fateful day came. This definitively weeds out how is hungry, and who is not. Interestingly enough, the people that are not as determined always look up the people that are, in which some say that is an accomplishment in of itself.

While your chasing victory, success, or whatever you choose to call it, there is never a guarantee, but you as an individual ultimately chooses your destination. I personally would rather say I gave it my all and lost, then never tried at all and regretting “what if”. The whole point of doing anything of value is going to be hard, heck life is hard, but the payoff can be financial freedom, time, trips, and everything else you deem worthy. Since this life we live is all about choices, there is a quote that say, “you have two choices, you either go back to sleep and continue dreaming, or wake up and chase them”, the choice is yours.

Never let anyone stop you from chasing a dream because you really never know until you try. If all the people that invented what we use and benefit from today just suddenly stopped because it seemed impossible, this would be a completely different world without the luxuries we possess. If what your chasing is of value to you, please never quit, you might as well be the next person to change the world forever.


Many times, it’s easy to give up on a dream or skill that is worth reaching for, but all the greats keep the grind no matter what, and the end results is pure awesomeness. For whomever is reading this, the take away shouldn’t be to do something, the take away should be to do something worthwhile that can be passed down creating a legacy. In a sense, the saddest of all lives lived, is a life that has done nothing at all. You are a creator in your own right, and hustle until you prove them wrong.

X-x”Be the change you want to see in the world”x-X

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