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Is Your Spirit Truly Free?

free spirit

Is Your Spirit Truly Free?

When people say things like, “she has such a free spirit,” their intentions can vary wildly. Depending on the situation, and who says it, hearing that you have a free spirit can feel like an insult or the best compliment you’ve heard all year.

To be called “free-spirited” is often to be called a hippy or likened to someone who has no responsibility, sense of future or self, or care. That’s the insulting part to those of us with a free spirit. While it’s true, we are dictated by our upbringing, ultimately it is up to us to live the life we really want to live. 

A free spirit

A free spirit is a lot of things. Your spirit is an intangible, irreplaceable, essential part of you. Many of us don’t bother taking care of it the way we take care of our bodies and minds. Others are so scared to step out of defined lines to see what their spirit truly wants. Yet many of us have spirits that walk and fly freely within us.

Most often we define ourselves by the very people we associate with, which in turn, steers us away from who we really are. All the while, hiding away in a persona created to hide feelings, emotions, and other aspects of what really makes you, you. This could possibly explain why many individuals are unhappy with one’s life circumstances, and everything in between. To truly be free, when you embrace yourself with all as a whole, you are free to be who you really are. Spirituality and a free spirited person in a sense go hand in hand, to continue reading about this on another post, click here /spirituality/.

Free Spirited People

When we think of a free spirited person, we usually stereotype these people and create a mental image of what they should look like. We often view these individuals as those whose lives and choices stand in stark contrast to the norm of our society. However, even though this is true for some of us, it’s not for all. Having a free spirit carries a different meaning to different people.

  • Comfort in your own company
  • Independence
  • Self-love
  • Not seeking validation
  • Creative 

Free-spirited individuals are often comfortable with their own company. There is a difference between being alone and feeling lonely. When you’re by yourself, physically, in a room or space you’re alone. When your spirit feels weakened and you feel alone, you’re lonely. It is possible to be in a room full of people and be flooded with a crippling feeling of loneliness.

We all feel loneliness from time to time. While it can be detrimental to a person’s self-esteem and spirit, it can also help us to build resilience outside of our comfort level. That being said, a free-spirited individual is mostly happy to be alone in their own company. They even enjoy that time alone with their inner-selves and thoughts.

Personal independence is all the rage today. It’s something we take for granted, and it’s also something many of us find difficult from time to time. Gaining independence can cause heartache and can be incredibly difficult for some- but it’s worth it.

This doesn’t mean that you purposely go against the grain. It means going against the grain of society or conforming because it’s your choice to do so. Being independent is the ability to make decisions about your life, accept the consequences of your actions, and support yourself without the need for others. That’s not to say you won’t desire social interactions and the love of significant others. It just means you can operate without it.

A sense of self-love is an ability to be comfortable in your own skin without putting yourself down. Self-love helps you to pursue what makes you happy whether that’s the norm in your society or a lifestyle which sets you apart. It also means taking personal responsibility for your own actions, feelings, and consequences.

When an individual is not seeking validation of others, usually this is where one is free to express themselves exactly how they see fit. Often times this is where great creativity comes from because their is no barrier from their inner world to their outer world where creativity is allowed to flow through open channels, or “frequencies”.


Click on picture for me information.

When you have a healthy sense of self-love you:

  • Wear what you want and be comfortable
  • Have the bravery to do the things you want to do because that’s what you want
  • Have the self-esteem to stand up in front of a crowd of people and speak because you have the desire
  • Take care of yourself in the way in which you need rather than the way others tell you
  • Can stand up for yourself
  • Can choose your life’s path

To answer the question

To answer the question, are you a free spirit?

Are you independent psychological, physically, financially, spiritually, etc.…?

Do you make your own choices because they’re yours to make?

Do you love yourself?

And so on…

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1 year ago

Thank you for posting this article. It resonates strongly with me as my perception of being a “free spirit” has changed continuously throughout my time here in this 3rd dimensional density. Being a free spirit during my “hippie days”, I’m still a hippie today hehehehe – once a hippie always a hippie I say, meant fighting “the man” and doing whatever I wanted to do. Today I see it as being a free spirit connected to a universal collective consciousness – free from the restrictions and limitations of the controlling entities who attempt to deceive our perceptions of our reality.… Read more »

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