Spiritual purpose of life and dealing with loss

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Spiritual purpose of life and dealing with loss

I’d like to imagine a life where there is no loss, sorrow, or grief while living a healthy, happy, long and productive life, but the reality is, we are here to learn lessons that serve a higher purpose. Sometimes the lessons that we learn can provide insight to who we are and where we are going, but some lessons are permanent and extremely hard to accept. When dealing with loss, there is no one word, phrase, or any other variety of words one can say or do to make things better, but just knowing that our souls are eternal in which one day we will all be reunited, makes all the difference. It’s not a goodbye, more like a “see you later”.

This is my observation, and is dedicated to all my loved one’s that crossed over.

Spiritual purpose of life

Since the purpose of life is one of the most sought-after questions, there is really no one answer that anyone can really give you that answers specific question pertaining to what you seek. This is why many individuals turn to religion and various other forms of alternative thinking to provide some form knowledge of our purpose and existence. While each form of religion teaches us that we are ultimately created from a creator, we are born into physical bodies, and families to live a physical life for the sole purpose of learning.

soul lightsOn the spiritual side of purpose, it is said that we are born into a spiritual contract that we agreed upon before incarnating into our physical bodies. This is an agreement of everything you choose to experience from the family you are born into, the events of your life, and the exit points “events” leading up to your departure in which we all have, and agreed to. Although life doesn’t always go as planned even with a spiritual contract, this gives us an opportunity to appreciate the limited time we have with one another, in any event good or bad.

While it may seem that we live each experience day by day, we for the most part are designers of our world around us, and the freewill we are granted makes learning possible. Depending on your spiritual contract, and what you need to learn, some lessons can include addiction, health problems, and any other aspects of one’s temporary existence to satisfy a need for growth.  

This is made obvious because when you really pay attention, you can see the reoccurring themes throughout one’s life, and wonder why the same issues keep showing up. From our human perspective, we never really reach such answers, but not knowing such answers provides us the ability to navigate our lives with what we are dealing with, and make choices that are based on outcomes. Although certain events are permanent, to really appreciate what life has to offer, sometimes we need to accept what we cannot change.

An example of this would be a person born into a family of chaos, where the child learns to cope with certain issues, and let’s say this child in their previous life never went through anything negative, but choose to incarnate to experience loss, grief, and so on. At that point, the person grows up with all that is learned, and eventually put into a position to help others where the knowledge would not be there otherwise. If you truly believe the soul is eternal, this would mean you have lived multiple lives whereby each life affects the next and the people around you.

Although an example, if you listen to people’s stories of past lives, you can see that each life sometimes revolved around the same individuals, but with different roles and outcomes. While some outcomes are devastating, we just have to understand that while we perceive events as right or wrong, they are simply lesson’s we ultimately have to learn. This is where learning about akashic records and higher selves is beneficial because once you open your mind to new ideas, you in a sense find clarity and understanding you never knew was possible while dealing with loss, and so on.

Dealing with loss

When dealing with loss, I have come to understand that there is nothing anyone or anybody can tell you to make things better. While it’s easier said than done, the only obstacle that seems to be the hardest to overcome is allowing an indeterminate time to pass to allow us to accept our temporary illusion of separation, click to read more. Although it is said that there are several stages of grief, we all deal with coming to terms in our very own way. They may not necessarily be in this order, but it is indeed how we deal.

  1. Shock – this is where you learn of what just happened, which seems unreal because you never expect anything to happen to a specific person.
  2. Pain, and or guilt – Ultimately, we tend to blame ourselves if the outcome could have been avoided, or could have went in a different direction. Since we don’t know our individual purposes, let alone someone else’s, we truly never know the reason why a person comes to pass especially at a young age.
  3. Anger– Although it is stating the obvious, anger comes from the inability to correct what we cannot change.
  4. Bargaining – This is where someone will do just about anything to get things back to how they were while looking for answer that can hopefully alleviate the pain.
  5. Acceptance– Once you have looked at all possible avenues and came to the realization nothing is going to change, you in a way accept your new reality. This is after the pain, shock, and anger has passed and in a way you adjust to a new lifestyle that has been forged by loss.

Our capacity to love one another is the major contributor to why we feel such pain, shock and so on, and not being able to see and interact with whom you have lost only amplifies the issue. Since what is described above is rather short in definition, you as an individual will grieve in your very own way, and will come to terms when the time is right.

When dealing with loss, at any age, you learn to appreciate what the individual brought in this life while reflecting on the influence they had over yours. Since we aren’t aware of the lessons we are supposed to learn, we think our loved ones are going to be in our lives forever, and indirectly not realizing how fast a particular event can come along and change everything forever.

While standing back as an observer, the happiness and bonds that are created seem impossible when letting go and makes living life that much more difficult. Life really does go on while creating friendships and connecting to other individuals you never before. This can really help with grieving because you will soon find that you are not alone, while relating to other people’s circumstances that pertain to you. We are all connected in a variety of ways, you just need to take the necessary steps to find them.

On a spiritual level, death does not end a relationship, it transforms their energy and directs it back to the source in which they came. This is the ultimate goal for all of us because we incarnate into our bodies and learn the lesson in which we need and with whom while completing temporary contracts we agreed to. When you learn that life and death is just an illusion, we as people will at one point, will eventually be reconnected to the very people we have lost and unquestionably see our purpose on the other side.

Naturally, as you start to accept a loss, other parts of you surface in which you never thought was possible such as strength you never knew you had, sympathy towards others and how people are affected, and just a whole new perspective you never knew. Strange enough, by the very nature of loss, you are more in tune to helping others that may be going thru the exact experience, and many say “understanding and acceptance” is the major lessons we have to learn in this lifetime. As difficult as it is to acknowledge, we are all spiritual being living in a temporary physical form. If you can fully understand this for all it entails, you will come to the conclusion that life and death is a mere illusion in which there is no real separation, just a rebirth for all that are involved.


There is a YouTube channel called Channeling Erik that goes into detail of the afterlife, and on a spiritual level discusses the significance we have on each other. You should know this is not the end, but one aspect of our existence on this physical plane. We are separated by a mere veil that with the right set of eyes, we can see the beauty of what life has to offer, and once you see that Life and death is connected as one, you will see that the only real limitation we impose on ourselves is the lack of love. While letting go is difficult, know in your heart that no one really dies, they just transform back to their original form with all their glory while being surrounded by light and love that is never ending. Hope this helps.

X-x”Be the change you want to see in the world”x-X

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