So, what is Spirituality?

Spirituality can be defined as the very nature of who we really are. In other words, it is the fabric of your soul that connects everything at its very core in a sense making everything as one, hence the term “oneness”. You may have a belief system that conflicts with such ideas because most religions point you outward, meaning many individuals look for answers outside themselves never realizing all the answers are inside of you.

All living things alive today are said to be a direct reflection of “GOD” or “Source” in a way that we all come from source energy, or “heaven” which is what’s widely accepted.  When you accept that, you soon realize that everything at its purest form is a vibrational frequency materializing to have an individual experience, or “human experience”.

What’s the point of Spirituality when there’s religion?

Many people seem to turn to spirituality when one’s preferred religion cannot satisfy answers that contradict what one has experienced. This might be because there are limiting or blanket answers to problems that you may be facing resulting in some kind of major influence on your life moving forward. On the other hand, maybe someone had a life altering event that wasn’t necessarily religious, but had a profound awakening such as a near death experience. Although many have their reasons turning to spirituality, there is normally some sort of trigger that begins with what I like to call the awakening process. In general, all religions serve their purpose which provides instructions of leading a “Good” life, but some people yearn for answers that no one person can give.

What does Spirituality teach that religion doesn’t?

Many religions around the world teach of a creation process where the center idea is one all-knowing being or creator. Depending where you come from, each religion interprets “GOD” on what is presently known based on culture and traditions, but most religions at the core are almost parallel in nature: to live your life based on teachings that are studies and interpreted. For example, the ten commandments. These commandments are basically guidelines to live a righteous life where anything done out of this is a sin. Whereas, spirituality teaches you there is no right or wrong, there just is, and that everything that is learned from an experience is ultimately a lesson for spiritual growth.

This ties into the idea that your soul is always evolving based on what you do here and now, which is “the present”, and that all that you learn in the physical form serves some sort of higher purposes. If you dig deeper, you may learn that you may have a spiritual contract where certain events may need to happen and with whom. It is also said that we choose everything that we want to experience before we incarnate especially with the families we are born into. Essentially, there’s nothing that happens by accident and there are no coincidences. We are a sum result of our own design that leads us to our ultimate purpose. Many religions do not teach this forcing us to look outside ourselves for answers that are never obvious, and all the while we are a compartmentalized version of “GOD” having a human experience.

Religions not all, in a sense separates us from everything, meaning it separates us from the source, and the righteous path is the way to GOD. If you take into account freewill, we are creators and without action there is no experience. This is why belief systems are used because it limits the creators in us to lead a predetermined life outside of who we really are. When one chooses other paths, you quickly learn you are part of something bigger, as if the blinders where taken off and you see parts of you and others that you weren’t aware of. In all, it all depends what your seeking and what feels right to you.

Is spirituality right for you?

This all depends on what you feel to be true in your heart. Many people choose the spiritual path because they are searching for some form of enlightenment that cannot be found outside of their current belief system. Ultimately, spirituality is the search of enlightenment, but is not easily found. Usually this is based on the subconscious working against your current knowledge in a sense hiding truths that are starring right at you. For many that choose this path, there is a lot of self-development that needs to be done to uncover the layers of misinformation learned throughout the years.

While many people see spirituality as enticing, some truths learned along the way can be hard to accept because it goes against what is formally believed. If and when you accept this, you will realize that we are all mirrored images of ourselves, and knowing that, you can greatly impact a life with just a simple gesture directly changing the world. When you put this into perspective, if you look at the theory of “six degrees of separation”, we are all connected and a single action vibrates around the world.

The spiritual journey that you choose should be a personal one because you, after all, will have to acknowledge your strengths and weakness and improve the relationship you have with yourself. For many, dealing with personal issues can be overwhelming, and the comments from individuals will make you question your purpose. Once you discover “your truth” you will accept that anything is possible because we are in fact energy, and energy cannot be created nor destroyed, you are, and always will be.

For further reading, amazon has a book called: Spiritual Science, Higher Conscious Thinking, and How to Access The Universal Consciousness: Learn How To Expand The Power Of The Mind At Every Level of Existence. 


Although the path to spirituality is not an easy one, you will at times question everything, but you will learn that everything has its place and time. While this article can be extremely long in nature, this was written just long enough to place a seed of curiosity to think outside the norm of what society dictates what you should believe. Spirituality has many aspects to it, and has been sprinkled throughout rolladank.com. If your interested, read other articles to gain a greater knowledge of what can be possible within you. We all have a purpose, and what you find along the way is what life is all about.

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1 year ago

Excellent article brother. Following the teachings of Buddha allows me to stay completely in touch with my own spirituality.

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