Meditative Visualization For Abundance

Meditative visualization

Meditative Visualization For Abundance

One of the foremost obstacles in obtaining what you may be hoping for in your daily life really comes down to your thoughts and how you view yourself to be. Many people bring into their lives is what they feel subconsciously to be true, all the while the life one really wants is just a change of thought away. Below is a simple meditative visualization guide that can potentially change a life for the better. You just have to believe.  

You should keep in mind that what you truly wish to see in your world should come from a place of gratitude and love because the universe will truly deliver. To read more about Law of attraction click here. /why-you-should-work-with-the-law-of-attraction/

What is meditative visualization?

A meditative visualization exercise is something that has been in use for centuries in which all is in the mind. Today, successful people use visualization techniques to achieve their goals. Such goals can be small or huge, but depending on what one is seeking usually the determining factor is belief in which you can actually visualize yourself accomplishing. 

This practice has allowed people to improve their performance, to the point where it seems as though they possess what seems like god given talents. A visualization exercise will allow you to imagine your desired outcome and ensure that it happens. You create your dream life simply through hyper-focus and the confidence that you can accomplish one goal at a time and continue that process until you reach the ultimate goal.

You ultimately hold this power in your hand, yet the majority of individuals have no idea how to harness it. It isn’t just successful people that use it, peak performers across every field and industry use the power of visualization. This is a practice that you should carry out daily and if you do so, you can speed up the likelihood that you will achieve your goals, dreams, and ambitions.

You don’t have to spend your day thinking about those dreams and desires, if you allow yourself to become too caught up in the visualization it will rob you of living in the present. The meditative visualization process takes less than ten minutes out of your day. The saying holds true, “if you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand”. 

Benefits Of Visualization

Before we begin with this meditation visualization exercise, in which this is only one technique of many, let’s highlight the benefits of using this method.

  • Visualization activates the mind’s creative subconscious. This starts the process of generating creative ideas that will help you achieve your dreams and desires.
  • Visualization programs your brain to recognize and perceive opportunities and resources that will help you achieve your dreams and desires.
  • Visualization activates the power of manifestation. The law of attraction draws positivity, opportunities, resources, and people you need to achieve your dreams and desires.
  • Visualization helps you build the internal motivation that you need to take the action required to achieve your dreams and desires.
  • Visualization is a fairly simple idea. The first thing you need to do is find a quiet place to practice the technique. You want to be as comfortable as possible so choose a position that makes you feel relaxed.

Before we walk you through this exercise, usually it’s best to close your eyes throughout a visualization process. You will be asked to visualize and imagine your dream or desire in vivid detail.

Effectively, you’re going to visualize it as though it has already happened. You’re going to imagine what that feels like and what it looks like. In all regards to the law of attraction this is one of the main focal points. If you can feel as if and it hold true to you, then you can become it. 

Many athletes and people that perform and create call this a mental rehearsal and have been using this technique for decades. This is done with great success because the mind cannot distinguish between an event and non-event in which abilities have proven to improve just by the mere thoughts of an action needed. Lets begin.

Visualization Meditation Exercise

  1. Close your eyes, clear your mind, and focus on one area of your life. What do you want to transform or progress? Sequester your focus to that specific thing in your mind.

From there, push the dial forward and imagine the greatest outcome that you can for this specific area of your life. It might be five years from now, it could be as soon as six months from now. Turn the volume up on that dream or desire as high as possible. What’s the ultimate reality?

It’s important that you don’t dismiss anything because of negativity or limitations. Visualization meditation is for getting carried away. Let your mind take you away.

  1. With that desire you have chosen, create a detailed picture of it in your mind and connect to it. You should always carry a deep connection to your goals. If you don’t, why on earth would you work to achieve it?
  2. Choose something that is big enough for you to chase and small enough to keep you motivated.

Every goal that you possess should have a movie or picture in your head that it correlates to. This is a picture that you should be able to step into and fully interact with it in your mind.

Allow your senses to immerse you in this image.

What’s going on around you?

Who is with you, where are you, and what’s happening?

  1. Now, by this point, you should have fully explored your visualization. It’s time to step outside of it. This is one of those out of body moments. Imagine yourself floating into the air above you. Carry the visualization with you and take deep breaths in and out as you breathe your energy into your visualization. Allow all of your positive energy and intentions to flow into your visualization.

Continue floating, but now float yourself into the future allowing the visualization to serve as an internal representation of your dreams and desires. Drop it into the timeline of your life below and let it rest at the date you plan to have achieved it by.

While you’re floating above, looking at the big picture, look at the events that must occur between now and then.

How will they support you in achieving your dreams and desires?

Visualize it to make the process feel real.

  1. When you feel complete and at one with your dream, you can bring yourself back to the present. Keep your eyes closed while you focus on the action steps required to move you toward your goal. Before you open your eyes, finish with a breathing exercise.

6. With your visualization complete, you should take a moment to record the experience you just had. It should include the action steps you visualized. This helps you focus on that dream and encourage action.

An image that is accompanied by intense feelings and emotions will stay present in your memory. When you transfer your energy, passion, and excitement into your visualization you are creating powerful results.

When you visualize that goal, you can revisit it for motivational purposes. However, it’s important that you let it go and focus on the present. Your actions and decisions in the present will make that visualization a reality.

If being present is something that you struggle with, there’s an easy way to do it. Focus on the sensations in your body. It’s difficult to be focused on your body and be lost in the future or the past at the same moment.

Focus on your right foot. What do you feel? Focus on that sensation before allowing your focus to drift to your left foot and fell those sensations. You’re present.

If your mind wanders further, then use a visualization technique to bring yourself back. Just let go of your worries and go back to the visualization you created for your future. Once you’ve had a moment to explore it bring yourself back to the moment.

Meditative visualization techniques can help you achieve your dreams and desires, but it’s just as important that you invest your time and energy in the present to enjoy today.

Add Affirmations

You can add further power to your visualization by using positive affirmations that support the visualization. When you feel the need to boost yourself repeat an affirmation that will support your visualization and help you manifest your dreams and desires.

This is where the power of “I am” comes into play, or others such as “ I am grateful for having….”. All affirmations along with visualization strengthens what you want to become true because the vibration that you omit, comes back what you hold true. Limitations return limited results.

You can read more about affirmations by clicking here /what-can-affirmations-do-for-you/.

Addressing Struggles

If you struggle with the meditative visualization exercise above, then you may want to try a typical form of meditation first.

Sometimes, a traditional meditation followed by the exercise above will heighten the visualization. While simple enough just writing down in detail of the many things that you want is all that’s needed to get you going. Once you have figured out what you really want, visualization comes into play.


While we think we have no control over our lives, the opposite is true. Much of what we experience in our daily lives is the exact thoughts we have about ourselves. In order for change, one’s thoughts has to change, then your outer world will have no choice but give you what you truly desire. You are born from an infinite field, so why limit yourself. This is my observation to the world. Happy manifesting.

X-x”Be the change you want to see in the world”x-X

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11 months ago

Namaste brother. Wonderful article. I believe that visualisation helps us to overcome our disturbing emotions and consequently our problems and difficulties. It enables us to use our potentials more fully to be of best help to everyone. A truly effective practice. Peace, love and light to you always my friend.

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