The Benefits of Spiritual Wellness

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The Benefits of Spiritual Wellness

The world we live in is fast paced, it’s driven by technology, and it has never been easier to ignore our inner selves. Your spiritual wellness, whether it’s meditation or traditional religion, has long-lasting positive effects on your overall health and wellness. It influences your self-esteem, physical health, mental health, and can even help you cope with anger management along with many aspects of self we tend to ignore. 

So, how can you be sure spirituality is right for you? First things first, it’s important that you understand that while it is a loaded term for some, it isn’t what you think it is. Spirituality is personal, and the role it plays in your life is entirely up to you. For some it may come in a time of need, and for others, many reach a point where the social norm doesn’t quite answer questions that you can’t normally find.   

More importantly, how you define it for yourself is entirely in your hands. If you aren’t a religious person, then your spirituality doesn’t have to be entwined with religion. Spiritual wellness is simply about being connected to something bigger than yourself. It is the vibration to all things connected within that transcends the cosmos. Also, it’s having principles, a purpose, values, beliefs, and morals. That is what guides your words and deeds. Let’s explore some of the benefits of being spiritually well.

Fights stress

There are a wide variety of events, situations, and people who create stress for us. It may be a major event like a divorce that does it. It could be a big project at work. While stress is natural and normal, it can go beyond that when it becomes chronic. Maintaining your spiritual wellness is an excellent way to fight stress because it focuses your energy on positive behaviors.

Meditation, one of the main forms of improving spiritual wellness, is influential in relieving stress. It will provide you with instant stress relief if you are feeling under pressure. Depending on what one is going through, like all events in life, they are just that “an event”. Although we determine the pressure it gives us, we all have the ability to overcome all obstacles by looking from within.

Relieves symptoms of depression

Guilt. Hopelessness. Sadness. When you experience these feelings persistently it may be indicative of a mood disorder such as depression. This can interfere heavily with your daily life. Depression can be treated with therapy, exercise, diet change, and medication. Often, people with depression can find symptom relief by improving their spiritual wellness through practices such as meditation (or prayer, yoga, etc.).

Meditation requires deep breathing, focus, and acceptance. Yoga relies on the same things, with the added benefit of movements. When your in tune with you body, you therefore raise your vibration resulting in a better overall mood. 

In many circumstances, depression is a state of mind, which can be extremely difficult to overcome. This is why many people look to spirituality, to dig deep within one’s self to expose the root problems or issues without societies filters. You may arrive at answers that aren’t outright obvious, while gaining knowledge of who you really are. It is said that through hard and difficult times, we expose our weaknesses to ultimately make us more resilient.

Increase Social Connections

Your social connections and relationships are important to your overall health. Loneliness and having a lack of social connections increases the risk of a host of health issues. Opposite of this, you come to find out who your friends really are, and expose toxic relationships you may have in your daily life.

Sometimes just knowing who your dealing with can save you from unwanted problems down the road because spirituality in a sense digs deeper at the core allowing us to see ours, and others true intentions. In turn, you create deeper and more meaningful relationships.

This can really be broken down even further if we talk about our “ego”, or communication problems, as well as other things, but having a small circle or friends that really understand, and are at the level of understanding and appreciation you are currently at, this goes way further than just having friendships for the sake of having friendships. Chose your group wisely.

Long Live!

There have been studies pointing to the fact that people who attend spiritual and religious gatherings live longer than those who don’t. The point, though, is that meeting with like-minded people or pursuing spiritual activities, whether meditation or prayer, can extend your lifespan. As you embark on a journey of improving your spiritual wellness, consider joining classes or seminars to spend time with like-minded people.

Also, meditation in a group can have multiple effects on one’s life or lives such as healing, problem solving, and changing negative effects to positive outcomes. This deals with focusing a groups frequency beyond our normal awareness to create to a degree super awareness where the laws of attraction is amplified. This article shows what group meditation can really do.

Study on the Maharishi Effect: Can group meditation lower crime rate and violence?

Balanced Blood Pressure

Maintaining your spiritual wellness can also help you lower blood pressure. Stress has been linked to high blood pressure and as we noted above, spiritual wellness can help reduce stress levels. When your blood is flooded by the stress hormone cortisol it causes a spike in your heart rate, which narrows the blood vessels thus increasing blood pressure. Maintaining spiritual wellness can, therefore, reduce your blood pressure.

While this is just one aspect there are many, there are many stories of spontaneous healing by changing ones perception of “NOW” and “Vibrational Frequency” in which all possibilities exist, but that’s for a later topic. If your interested in reading about Miracles, read this article /what-is-a-miracle/


You can see from the benefits above that it isn’t a question of whether spirituality is right for you or not. It’s for everyone, whether you acknowledge it or not. We all possess a spirit that requires nourishment and nurturing. It’s up to you to determine how you will achieve spiritual wellness. Although this article can really dig way deeper, this is a suggestion of topics of what it offers in terms of finding your way when it seems there are none. Such as life, we all experience things when the time is right.

X-x”Be the change you want to see in the world”x-X


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