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What Is Spiritual Inspiration And How It Guides Creativity


What Is Spiritual Inspiration And How It Guides Creativity

Many instances throughout our known history, it is said that certain individuals have managed to manifest information out of thin air when searching for answers where there are none. Basically, it would be considered a spiritual inspiration guiding creativity. Ultimately, the information given gave rise to inventions, and innovations that set the stage for what is created and used today.

Furthermore, when asked how the information was delivered, many people said it was given through a dream, or through some kind of meditative technique which seemed impossible. If we are all energy, and energy never dies, we can assume information is a vibration frequency we can all tap into.

What exactly is spiritual inspiration?

Usually spiritual inspiration comes in a time of need when we have exhausted all our known sources for information. At that point, depending on what your trying to achieve, a certain breakthrough seems to be given to keep moving us forward, sort of like finding a solution through a dream, which is well documented. This could be because while we are searching for answers, we are a sense finding ourselves through this third dimensional environment, and the senses we obtain.

When you step back and look at the picture as a whole, it would seem too easy to find the answers you are seeking to be outright given. Instead, we are forced to navigate our thoughts and actions while finding new points of view and alternate thinking, basically going through what is needed to arrive at a new perspective.

This is where enlightenment, epiphanies, and all other surge of creative forces seem to focus around a particular problem you may be facing. Although we are in full control over our lives, or it seems, we have the ability to align our vibrational field of vision to exactly what we are striving for. In many circles, this is where the “Law of Attraction” is applied, and with the right mind set can lead to huge benefits. For more information about LOA or law of attraction, check out this article about /Vision Boards/.

Additionally, spiritual inspiration can come with the use of meditational techniques that raises one’s vibration to a higher frequency whereby letting your subconscious communicate with the universal conscious. It is said that this is where is all information is stored and waiting to be tapped into.

This is why subliminals such as the ones that focus on particular issues people are trying to change, such as money, relationship, and other problematic areas can be effective because you are in direct communication with makes your reality seem real. Once you change a program in terms of how you view your world, anything is possible in regards to letting your creative nature become a guiding force.


Also, certain frequencies can be used in conjunction with other techniques such as listening the frequency 528hz and 432hz in which can have a profound positive effect on the mind and body and is scientifically proven to change chemical properties to be more harmonious with the universe. For further reading check out this article /raise-your-vibration-to-a-higher-frequency/.

While the research you decide to pursue, it ultimately opens your conscious up to other avenues of thought you never knew prior. Every positive inspiration one has is never really a coincidence, it more of a connection to everything around us that’s always been there. Just tune into the right frequency and all will be revealed.

How does spiritual inspiration inspire creativity?

The honest, but short answer would be that there is no one way anyone can definitely answer this question with certainty. When dealing with the spiritual world there is no direct communication line that can be established, rather feelings and emotions are usually sign posts that leads someone in a direction that is not outright seen.

By chance this is you, what would you do with the information your seeking? Would you go on to create something that is not yet seen in the world, or would you be happy knowing you know the answers and keep it to yourself?

In any case, once someone has tapped into a field of energy that provides some form of information, it is ultimately up to you to provide some sort of action. Let’s say you designed a program that utilizes medical information in a way that summarizes unique details providing the best outcome for a patient, but you lacked an algorithm that completes the code.

While working on this program tirelessly, a revelation occurred, but instead you revolutionized the way traditional medicine and medical interaction was performed. In many circles, it can be considered a sort of spiritual gift because a “gift” from the spiritual world is information, and information has to the power to transform lives.

When put it into perspective, the different aspects that seem to come together depending on what is sought indirectly opens different avenues that once was not obvious. It seems as though we are given crumbs of influence that shape one outcome, but it is up to the individual to pursue other areas of interest. In regards to ideas, without problems, we cannot come up with solutions or innovations.

Everything we see around us is basically energy coming together to create what is in the world today such as our cloths, homes, electricity, cellphone, food and all other luxuries that someone imagined throughout our known history. We as people have an innate ability to create, and will continue to build on top of what already exists, but with a helping hand from the powers that be.

Famous spiritually inspired individuals

To name a few, the following people that have made a huge impact on how we interact with the world around us have had one thing in common, which was they were deeply rooted in their spiritual belief systems. While their personal traits are varied and greatly differ in the manner in which information was given, the greatest mystery was and always will be how it was received.

Nikola Tesla – While Nikola Tesla is considered to one of the most brilliant minds to ever walk the earth, many of his invention where never taken seriously during his lifetime. Only after his passing, many people in the research and development field have now begun to optimize the original theory of many of his projects. One in which would be wireless energy. The implications of such inventions today would ultimately transform the way we live our lives, but the powers that be deemed it economically unfeasible, and ultimately the project was shut down.

Although this was one of many of his inventions, we still do benefit from his mind in regards to wireless radio communication systems, the induction motor, A/C current, remote control, and so on. While his list of invention is quite long, many moments of inspiration where gathered during meditation where he likened his mind to a receiver. To further hone in on the ideas presented to him, he mastered his visualization skills whereby developing a working model in his mind in which he perfected before building, fully bypassing trail and error.  

For the average person, ideas that come during a time of need sometimes get swept under the table never fully realizing what can be, but for those that tune into the right frequency have the potential to tap into some unseen power to illustrate what is not yet available. Since we are still using his ideas and creations, to a degree we are being guided by a force that is invisible by giving us information to keep moving forward.

Although there is so much information that can be said, Tesla will always be remembered as an innovator in which if he was still alive today, we would be living in a different world. If he wasn’t that brilliant, the government would not have raided his hotel where most of his chests containing inventions and writings would have not mysteriously vanished.

Edgar Cayce – also known as the sleeping prophet. This individual was famously known for giving diagnosis of people inflicted with illness and giving a solution for healing, which gave holistic healing a true meaning. Although this is one of his gifts during his lifetime, he was able to produce information in a dream state that somehow applied to conscious life.

If by chance it was a coincidence to attain such information, it would have been easily replicated many, but it comes back to the idea that we are in our purest form a spiritual frequency. The only difference is Mr. Cayce was able along with others naturally tapped into what is called the universal consciousness which is said to have any, and all information that ever was and that ever will be. This in effect is where he most probably was able to channel his own frequency to the direct questions he had, which resulted in direct answers.

While we as spiritual individuals have the capability to possess this ability, many times it’s our lack of faith in our own space and time that deflects the true power we really hold. This is where meditation and strong willingness to connect to the universe is key because once you allow yourself to become a vessel for good intentions, the possibilities can open up doors that weren’t previously available. Of the many abilities Cayce had, he was able to sleep on a book and memorize it word for word which would indicate that our spiritual selves are capable of retaining any and all information that points to energy we really have.

In any regards, Edgar Cayce has shed light on the potential we all have, but the trick is to pinpoint the very technique he had to dive into the state of mind that allowed him to gather information that would benefit us the most. For further reading here is link that offers more information

Leonardo Da Vinci – Out of the many people that seemed to possess other worldly powers, Da Vinci is one of the many individuals that is still surrounded by wonder and mystery. The mind that encapsulated his body produced many of the famous paintings today, still seem to hold information forever locked in plain view.  Although there is really no information that states how he came across his gifts, I would assume his visualization skills along with working knowledge of scientific and artistic know-how gave him in sight to the quantum field or spectrum.

When looking at it in this perspective, you can understand how he would come up with such new age inventions such as the helicopter, robots, and other flying machines that were not seen anywhere during his lifetime. Either he had a glimpse into the future and detailed to the best of his abilities what he saw, or he was deeply rooted into spirituality that guided his artistic paintings and working sketches. In any degree, he was involved with higher forces that clearly had a hand in developing his skill.Mona LisaTo drive home the point more clearly, Di Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” and the “Last Super” portraits are claimed by many to include many hidden massages that haven’t been discovered until recently with the use of imaging machines. So, it would beg the question that, did he know that his paintings would be used later to discover what he really knew, or was he trying to hide information in fear that he could be prosecuted? Since we will never really know these answers, one thing is for certain, when someone with the right set of eyes comes along, the answers will be revealed.

While Di Vinci’s works of art and sketches is something we will never fully understand, this is just to illustrate what people under the right circumstances can achieve. On the other end, if people like Tesla, and Cayce never came along there would be nothing to build onto. As the example of Karl Benz that invented the first car, if it wasn’t for Nikolaus Otto there would be no engine. So you can see, when something is revealed, other people propel the creativity to other areas that were previously unavailable. For a more extensive list of Di Vinci’s accomplishments, check out this article

Similarly, all of the great minds that have graced the planet produced works of art which seemed to come at stages of higher frequency. This would imply that they were able to generate ideas outside the known scope of their physical capabilities. A famous saying Tesla had was the significance of the number 3,6,9. He stated “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.” Would this assume that he understood this frequency and gained information from it? In any case, just like music, it is a frequency and is well known to inspire many.


Everyone has the ability to tap into whatever information they are looking for, but sometime our belief system gets in the way. If you believe you cannot do something, you will end up with failure because you have tuned into the lower vibration where your expecting the result. To be fully open, a positive outlook and willingness to engage with who you really are as a spiritual soul having a human experience, can provide the insight to change your life and world around us. Your life matters and what you create can live for eternity.  

X-x”Be the change you want to see in the world”x-X

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1 year ago

Excellent, excellent article brother. We all just might receive a heavy dose of “Spiritual Inspiration” by reading this. And I always keep in mind that – “The mind is everything. What we think, we become”. Thank you for this my friend. Peace, love and light.

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